Make a Topper Smaller (Yes, Do It!)

Did you know that you can make a topper smaller?

So many of you have written in to tell me that you love the Milan that I wear, but it’s simply too much hair for you. Or, the base is too big for your level of hair loss.

Ladies, don’t let ANYthing stop you when it comes to getting the hair you want. There is virtually a trick or hack for everything out there.

If you love the Milan as much as I do but have been hesitating due to her size or density, now’s the time to rethink how you look at toppers.

For me, I wanted to make her a bit smaller so that I could do a ponytail/updo easier. What better way to make use of an older piece?

Get a pair of scissors, some thread, and an upholstery needle or Superglue and you’re good to go!

Make a Topper Smaller: Before Pic

Here’s my trusty ol’ Milan (color: Almond Rocka-R) at her full-size. She’s a larger piece at about 8″ by 9″, with a length of 12″.

She completely covers my worst areas and the clips hit me in places that “make sense” for me (although if I don’t rotate them the clips can cause bald spots).

noriko milan base

How to Make a Topper Smaller: The Process

Since the hair beyond the mono top is wefted, it’s easy to cut away excess hair as it’s all attached in rows. Simply snip right outside where the first clip is. You’ll need to cut out the front two clips (but save them as we’ll be reattaching!). In this photo, I’ve cut only the outside knot so that I could start cutting down the piece—I cut the front clips out later.

cutting off wefts

Now, cut a little further.

separating topper wefts

Keep cutting all the way around the piece. I follow the weft all the way around and it gets a bit wider than what the initial cut starts at, but not by much.

making a topper smaller

Here’s the finished result. You can see she’s considerably smaller!

smaller noriko milan

This shows you exactly what I cut off. It definitely makes a difference when it comes to density. One thing to note: you are essentially removing the bottom-most layer of the piece, which means, the longest part. The Milan is 12″ and removing this part of the topper makes the overall piece about 10″ when all is said and done.

This is fine for me as I’m just using it to wear my hair up. My own hair is probably around 16-17″ now so there would be way too much of a difference for me to wear this altered piece down.

wefts removed from topper

Make a Topper Smaller: End Result

And here’s me with my brand-new (kind of) topper in my desired updo.

No bulk! Perfect density!

noriko milan updo

I did resew the front-right clip, but then I got lazy and Superglued the remaining clips straight on the piece. A bit lazy on my part and I’ll probably have to re-glue them at some point, but I’m ok with that.

I’ve got kids. Nap time is only so long, ya know?

So if you’ve been holding out on Ms. Milan because she’s too large, now you have one fewer excuse!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this method! Any topper wearers out there going to give this method a try?

P.S. I know I owe a few of you emails. It has been a CRAZY two weeks. I quit my job, packed up my entire house and moved, and started a new job all within like two seconds. I’m exhausted, but more importantly, I was without Wifi for a period of time (rant: we waited at the house to get cable/Wifi installed last Saturday, and our window to wait was from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. 15 ridiculous hours! And the guy never showed up—can you believe it?!). But, I’m back, and will be replying to emails like normal over the next few days. Thanks for being patient!

P.P.S. I’m rethinking how I handle my Super Secret Page. Since I usually put all the good info and pictures into my main post, I usually don’t have much to put on that page. I’ll still keep it up, of course, but I’m deciding whether or not I want to add to it. Just a head’s up between friends. :)

Estetica Mackenzie Wig Review: Wavy, Gorgeous Hair

What happens when a girl has a zillion brown toppers and wigs?

Inevitably, she forgets about one or two or ten of them.

I completely forgot that I had this beautiful, wavy, darker-brown hair that I bought from a hair friend last year.

I keep most of my brown hair in a canvas beach bag I have shoved into my bathroom closet, and I was looking through it searching for a different wig I planned on reviewing…and I found this piece.

Meet Mackenzie, by Estetica. This one is a bit darker than the color I usually wear (my Noriko Milan has a base color of a 6/8. In Estetica colors, I wear 8/14). She’s a 6/10, which is a cooler brown with very, very fine dark blond highlights running through it to give the hair a bit of shimmer.

Here she is on my mannequin head. I just love the waves. Love, love.

She’s also not crazy-shiny, which is a total plus.

Isn’t she purty?

estetica mackenzie wig

Estetica Mackenzie is a lace front wig, which I’m growing to appreciate more and more since it encourages the hair to have a nice, voluminous lift away from the face.

She’s a multi-directional lace front, which means that the Estetica Mackenzie can be parted wherever you want and you’ll see a few inches of lace parting.

estetica mackenzie wig cap

Mackenzie is NOT a mono top though—this means that a natural part line does not go all the way to the back.


estetica wig lace front

After the lace ends, the hair kind of gets poofy and permatease-y and covers the part. It sounds odd, and when you look at it closely it looks a bit strange, but I was surprised that it didn’t look bad on.

You can see the permatease here, right along the part line.

wig permatease

Look at the waves! I just love having a bit of curl, probably because my Milans are straight (heck, that’s why I recently added curls to my synthetic hair).

estetica mackenzie back

This wig is straight out of the box; I haven’t customized her at all.

I’d like to play with the lace front a bit. Pluck a few hairs out and use some of my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day powder to make the hairline even more realistic. Some lace fronts can be sparse, but this one is pretty full. I’d rather start full and pluck a bit than to have it the other way.

estetica mackenzie front

I’m loving the volume the Estetica Mackenzie has. Dare I say, I’m what those in the hair community call a “big hair girl”??

I’ve always told myself that I like lower density pieces, but I’m starting to realize that hair like this is totally normal (well, for some people—it’s literally 20x the amount of hair I ever had!).

I thought the permatease and the lack of monotop would bother me, but because this wig has the lace front, I don’t really notice it. It just looks like normal, thick hair (to me).


I’m not wearing wigs daily (yet), but I think this could be a fun one for date nights, or for weekend-wear when the weather gets cooler. To pull off this color I had to do my eye makeup a little darker.

(Did you know I modeled this for you, dear reader, in 106 degree weather?? Hair or not, I was dying.)

So, what do you think of this wig? The color? The volume? Opinions, please!

9 Seconds to Remove Shine From Helper Hair [Video]

Since I posted about how I remove shine from my synthetic wigs and toppers, I’ve gotten a few emails asking exactly how I use the dry shampoo to do this.

I promise, it’s really simple.

If it’s a brand-new piece and it needs some major de-shining, I recommend taking it outside so that you can spray the dry shampoo without worrying about it getting all over the place.

I remember the first time I used a tinted dry shampoo to do this—its got ALL over. There was a thin, brown film all over my countertops, all over the floor, on my bathroom door handle…I could go on and on.

I spent 30 minutes cleaning all of that up, so trust me, head outside if you plan on spraying the entire wig or topper.

If you only need to touch up some excess shine, you’re probably ok to just do it in the bathroom. Just remember, it’s a very fine film and it can quickly take flight.

I definitely have some favorites when it comes to dry shampoo, and I talked about them in my original post. In this demo, I’ll show you one of my favorite cheapie options. I got it online since I do most of my shopping virtually (such a time saver), but you can find Batiste Dry Shampoo at drugstores, too.

Bonus: When used on your bio hair at the root, it helps to give it some volume!

So, yeah, while most people use their backyards to grill, or hang out, I use it as my personal beauty parlor.

Such is life, right?

Leave me a comment and let me know–have you tried this method to remove that pesky shine? What tips and tricks do you have?