Hair Building Fibers: BoostnBlend Review

You all read recently how I’ve been occasionally going sans hair at night because my husband hates my beloved headbands.

I guess I can’t blame him—they aren’t the sexist accessories. But, they cover what I need them to cover.

I’ve been rocking the comb-over quite a bit, but sometimes, I do need some more coverage.

I’m terribly out of practice with my Bumble & Bumble (although it served me SO well in the past!).

Enter BoostnBlend.

I’ve been talking with Bambi from BoostnBlend over the past few months, and she was gracious enough to send me some of her hair building fibers to try.

I normally wouldn’t try another concealing product since I’ve moved on to wear hair, but these hair building fibers for thinning hair had me intrigued.

Why, you ask?

Hair Building Fibers Made of…Cotton?

Yes, these fibers are made from cotton!

Bambi explained to me that cotton won’t drip and run and won’t clump, unlike some of the keratin hair fibers out there.

Also, because cotton is a natural ingredient, it might even be better suited for those with sensitive scalps than some of BoostnBlend’s competitors.

Apparently, aluminum chloride is commonly used in many of the hair building fiber options and that can be irritating on the skin.

One thing that I found interesting (I loved getting a crash course in hair fibers!) is that the keratin hair fibers are derived from animal hair (and some from wool). Because of this, the manufacturers have to apply chemicals and antibiotics to make them “ok” to be worn at the scalp.


This is one of the reasons why keratin hair fibers for thinning hair can sometimes be itchy and irritating.

Who knew? The cotton fiber from BoostnBlend sounds better and better to me.

Made By Women, For Women

You know how most hair fibers are clearly meant for men, but then they throw in a few pictures of women just to make it look like it’s ideal for both sexes?

Bambi made a good point—she said that most men don’t color their hair, and their hair gradually dulls as they get older.

I definitely see that in my own hair; as it has thinned, it’s gotten almost gray-brown (maybe that’s also because it doesn’t see the light of day!)

BoostnBlend colors are specifically made to blend with all hair colors, dyed or not. It’s nice not to worry about getting the absolute perfect color—the blending range on the colors are vast, so they’ll suit just about everyone.

In fact, I was torn between Smooth Medium Brown and Dusky Dark Brown. I went with Smooth Medium Brown and the match is pretty darn perfect.

Before/After Photos

No one likes “before” pics but it must be shared (also please note this is probably the only post I have on this site without eyeliner. Eyeliner is definitely a crutch for me, but, I digress):

womens hair loss

And here’s after. Yes, I do have eyeliner on under those sunglasses:

hair building fibers for thinning hair

I wish they would invent a product to help my teeny tiny pony tail (hint, hint), but let’s just all hold hands and agree that the top looks better, right?

Here’s another pic that shows BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers in action.


Can we all just take a moment and be thankful that my new house has a fenced back yard? No more neighbors wondering what the heck I am doing taking all these pictures…

Ok, back to the hair fibers.

Lastly, here is a closeup.

hair building fibers

There’s one MAJOR thing I like about BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers versus a few of other fibers I’ve tried.

I usually wash my hair every other day. If I sprinkle in fibers on day 1, after I sleep and look at my hair I notice that the hair fibers get a little clumpy right up against my scalp.

I’d have to take a comb and try to spread them around a bit to get them to evenly disperse.

I did not have that with BoostnBlend.

Even though I slept all over my hair, the fibers stayed where they should, and didn’t nest close to my scalp.

Does that makes sense?

Bambi explained that due to cotton’s properties, BoostnBlend’s hair building fibers have more static electricity than its competitors.

Seeing as I didn’t need a second application on day 2, I saw this in action!

I also didn’t have any creeping onto my forehead. Sometimes, with other products, the keratin hair fibers would “gather” a bit close to my hairline overnight.

When I woke up the next morning after using BoostnBlend, the fibers looked damn near close to how they looked during my initial application.


If you are in the market for a hair fiber, this is a good one to try! If you are prone to scalp irritation, then I highly suggest giving this a whirl to see if it works for you.

I’m so glad I gave BoostnBlend a try, and I’ll definitely be using it every now and again (especially on hot Texas weekends) when I want to go without hair or I need extra coverage.

I’m thinking this could be a good product to use, too, for helping to blend my bio hair with my topper. I can use my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Powder with this on top to really add some “oomph” to my wimpy bio hair.

Who here has tried hair building fibers? Did they cause any irritation?

From South Korea, With Love

How cool is this?

Lisa contacted me to do something a bit out-of-the-box. She’s been seeing a therapist for a few issues, one of which is her hair loss. Her therapist suggested she do something different to help her cope—her “different” is sharing her story with all of you.

I don’t know about you, but, quite frankly, I’m flattered!

Lisa and I have a lot in common, and I’m sure many of you will relate to her story. For me, I completely identified with her belief that birth control caused her hair loss. I also experienced major hair loss while pregnant (boo!).

Have a read through her story and let us know what you think in the comments section, below.


Hello, my name is Lisa and I wanted to share my story with you.

I am a military spouse and mother of a wonderful three year old boy. I am also a hair loss sufferer. I have been seeing a therapist for almost a year now to deal with my depression and anxiety over a variety of issues, including the trauma of hair loss. During my most recent session, I complained to the therapist that I was not feeling any better despite the hours of therapy I have undergone.

His response still resonates with me.

He said:

Sometimes it is not a matter of feeling better. Sometimes it is just about feeling and acting differently.

He likes to start his sessions with a basic question: “what are you doing differently.” Most of the time my response is, “not much.”

I guess I just keep waiting for my problems to go away. Maybe I am hoping one morning I will wake up and my hair will have magically grown back overnight. Well, suffice it to say, that’s not happening. I think it is finally time I start doing something different. So this morning I decided I would write about what has happened to me and find some way to share it with the world.

I hope that by sharing my story I will help at least one person to feel and act differently, even if it is just to feel like they are not alone.

So here it goes!

I have been through hair loss twice in my life. Yes, you read that right. TWICE!

The first time was in my early thirties. I had been on the birth control pill for many years. I curse the day I ever opened that first pack. I have read lots of hair loss stories and one common denominator I have seen is the birth control pill. Doctors hand them out like candy and really seem to have no clue the problems they cause. Unfortunately, many women, myself included, know all too well the havoc those stupid pills can wreck on your life.

I think I lost hair the whole time I was on them.

When I look back at pictures of myself, I can see how the hair on top of my head slowly thinned over the years. However, the loss I experienced on the pill was nothing compared to what happened when I stopped taking it.

My hair practically melted off my head in a matter of six months.

I still remember the day I saw that first patch of scalp in the mirror. I was NEVER the same after that.

Like most women who go through hair loss, I was in a full-on panic.

I went to every kind of doctor I could think of: gynecologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist. I went to see several “hair loss” experts. I spent so much time crying in doctors’ offices and giving blood.

The only thing that came back abnormal was my thyroid. I found out I had Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disorder of the thyroid (I blame the pill for that too!!).

I went back and forth for years, trying different medications, different shampoos. I tried Spirolactone for a year. I even went back on the pill for a while, hoping it would fix things. I was on and off thyroid medicine.

Nothing seemed to help.

Finally, five years after going off the pill, my hair slowly started to regrow. I could see tons of regrowth all over my head and my sparse hair began to fill in a little at a time.

Don’t get me wrong, I never regained the hair of my twenties.

It was probably 80% back to normal and that’s pretty much where it stayed for several years. The top was much thinner and the hair at my right temple never grew back.

But, I felt like I had enough hair to feel “normal” again.

Things began to change again in my late thirties.

I met my husband and love of my life. I got pregnant at age 39 and was thrilled!

Everyone always says your hair gets thick and wonderful during pregnancy and so I was looking forward to having plenty of good hair days.

Boy was that a load of crap!

My hair began shedding like crazy and didn’t stop the whole first trimester. I was devastated once again.

I complained to my doctors but no one listened. They just chalked it up to all the pregnancy hormones. I spent the first three months of my pregnancy freaked out about my hair instead of enjoying such a special time in my life.

Eventually, the shedding stabilized.

By the time I entered my third trimester, the hair loss had almost completely stopped (like maybe one or two a day in my hair brush).

As my due date approached, I was very worried about the postpartum loss.

Sure enough, the first shower after having my son, my hair started shedding like crazy. It settled down after a few months and seemed to go back to my pre-pregnancy shedding. I guess I am lucky that I didn’t get a horrible shed after giving birth. Maybe I am just one of those who loses more hair in pregnancy than after.

Who knows?

By the time my son was six months old, my hair seemed normal again.

Fast forward to my early forties and once again, hair loss has reared its ugly head!

After my son was born, my husband and I tried very hard for baby number two. We tried many different fertility medications.

I lost three pregnancies in just over a year.

I also moved to South Korea with my husband who is in the military. The environment and water quality here is just terrible. Lots of pollution and hard water.

Talk about a perfect storm of hormonal fluctuation, stress and bad environment! I was here for maybe six months when I noticed my hair thinning again.

On top of the shedding and loss, my remaining hair became dry, brittle and frizzy from the hard water and toxins.

I was surprised how quickly I fell back in a deep depression over my hair.

I did the usual round of doctor visits again but no one had a solution.

I did find one dermatologist who seemed to care a little. He did a scalp biopsy and sent it to a colleague back home in the States.

The results were consistent with Telogen Effluvium.

No signs of miniaturization, just too many hairs in the shedding phase.

Doctor said that was “good news” and sent me on my way.

Well, I really don’t care what kind of label you put on it. My hair is falling out and it is not coming back!

I started pumping myself full of vitamins in hopes it would help. I even changed my thyroid medicine from Synthroid (a known cause of hair loss in some women) to a natural thyroid drug like the one I took in my thirties.

Things actually got worse on the new drug.

I was all set to switch back to my old medicine when I found out I was pregnant for the fourth time in less than two years.

Of course I am thrilled to be pregnant and this one seems to have taken. I am almost eleven weeks along and things are going well.

But once again, pregnancy is wrecking my already thin hair. I am shedding like crazy and I can see more and more scalp each week that goes by.

I sat in my OB’s office yesterday in tears but he said there was nothing to be done and that it was probably just hormones again.

So here I am, pregnant and losing my hair for the second time in my life.

I know I should stay focused on the positive and not let this get the best of me again.

My husband has a really hard time understanding why this is affecting me so badly.

He has been to war and seen people killed.

He says I have to find a way to get through this.

He says if a person can find a way to be happy in life after losing an arm or a leg, then I should be able to find a way to get through life with hair loss.

Deep down I know he is right.

I am not dying of cancer like many people I know. I can put on a wig and get on with life. But somehow I still struggle with this situation.

I tell my husband that when you lose a leg or an arm, it is usually instant. Unless you have some rare flesh eating bacteria or something similar, you normally don’t lose a limb one tiny piece at a time.

Something bad happens and it is gone. Just like that.

You have no choice but to deal with it in that moment.

With hair loss, it is different.

For most of us, we lose our hair slowly and painfully.

Every day I watch in anguish as handfuls fall out in the shower, in the comb, in my brushes and on the floor after styling.

It’s like a slow, painful torture.

When I try to explain this to my husband he just says he will get the clippers out right then and solve my problem. All my hair can be gone in minutes he says and then I will just have to deal with it.

Honestly, his solution sounds more and more tempting each day.

If I were back in the States and had better access to wigs and hair pieces, I would have done it a long time ago.

Being stuck in South Korea, I don’t have too many options for hair replacement other than the internet. It’s not like I can walk into a salon over here and ask for help. Most of the stylists don’t speak much English and I don’t think they would be much use in helping me find a wig.

I did order a wig and a topper online but they will take weeks to get here and then I may not like them. The restocking fees on those items are just ridiculous!

Luckily, my husband and I are going back to the States in September. There are several nice wig shops near where we will be living and I am hoping I can make it until then.

I never thought I would be able to bring myself to wear a wig or hair piece.

I am so thankful to Lauren and her blog for giving me hope that a hair piece may finally give me some peace.

I am so tired of agonizing about my thinning hair. It’s exhausting and robs me of my life.

I spend more time thinking about my hair than my family and that is just wrong.

That’s not what life is supposed to be about.

I know deep down I will always be sad about my hair loss.

But I hope that someday, I can find some peace and acceptance with it and get on with my life.

Does Anyone’s Doctor Actually Give a Sh*t?


That’s all I want to know.

Does anyone’s doctor actually care about this hair loss thing?

It’s SO rare that I hear from any of you with a story about how your doctor took the time to really listen to you. Too often you tell me that what you were told was something like this:

“It’s not that bad.”

“Just use Rogaine.”

“It’s just from stress.”

“It’s not like you need a wig.”

The list goes on and on.

Now, I receive many emails each and every week from you ladies (I love you!), and there have probably been one or two over the years that talked about how great their doctors have been.

But really, how rare is that?

Where are these unicorn-doctors so that I can talk to them?

You all know I recently moved, and I’m now in the process of figuring out the whole doctor-thing. I’m trying to find a local dermatologist and got to thinking that I’d probably bring up my hair again (why not?).

But the more I think about it, the angrier I get.

Like many of you, I’ve also been dismissed. I’ve been told that it isn’t bad. That my hormones might be screwed up but at least I have children.

That there are worse things in life.

Well, sure. Of course there are. But did I really just pay you $150 for you to tell me that?

It’s absurd.

For those of you in the throes of hair loss research, I feel you. When I was reading up on everything is also around the time I was frantically talking to doctors (endocrinologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, etc.) to figure out what was wrong with me—it was a long and arduous process of explanations and tests to come up with…nothing.

No one had the answer.

And quite frankly, no one felt sorry for it.

I’m not sure why women’s hair loss is NOT talked about in the medical community. So much of the time and research seems to be spent on men. Had the medical industry done any research on consumer spending, they’d know that women control the pocketbooks.

I know several of you have spend hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars in treatments and potions to get the shed to stop or the hair to regrow.

Some treatments have helped a few women here and there (heck, I may even try Rogaine again, someday!), but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story of anyone who went back to a normal head of hair.

That being said, I’m truly happy that I’m on the other side of this. Truly.

I’ve found hair. I’m happy with it. My life now goes on.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about the lack of options and compassion out there.

And I still reserve the right to get pissed about it. :)

What has your doctor told YOU?

P.S. Have you taken my survey yet? I’d love it if you did. Take it now!