Cyber Monday Deals (Plus, Which Should I Get?)

Woohoo, it’s Cyber Monday!

For someone (um, me) who only buys wigs online, Cyber Monday is one of the best days to snag a great deal on any hair you’ve had your eye on.

Here’s a round up of deals that I know of: 30% off with code BLACK
Are you an eBates member? If not, you should be. You get cash back at a million different retailers including—you guessed it—Vogue Wigs! Currently you get 8.5% back on all purchases if you shop through eBates (on top of any of their deals), PLUS, if you are a new member you get $10 cash back just for signing up to eBates.

So, if you are already an eBates member, head to eBates (note: this is my affiliate link) and search for VogueWigs and click through to save another 8.5% on top of their 30% off sale.

If you’re not an eBates member, sign up here, then click through Vogue Wigs to save 8.5% on top of their 30% off sale. And enjoy your $10 cash back that will be automatically deposited in your account.

I love combining discounts! I priced out my Milan for the heck of it, and when combining all the discounts, it came to about $130—the cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

Patti’s Pearls: 35% off with code BF35

Fortune Wigs: 25% off all human hair wigs, toppers and extensions with code (looks like no code needed) 30% off with code CYBER2015

Milano Wigs: $400 off human hair wigs (no code needed)

Here are two that I’ve had my eye on, and I’m not sure which to go with yet.

First, we have Alessandra, by Jon Renau (photo from Jon Renau):

jon renau alessandra dark

I love love LOVE the long layers. I was thinking of going a bit lighter than what I normally wear from Jon Renau, which is 8H14. Maybe I’ll try 10RH16.

This is the other I am considering. It’s Adriana by Jon Renau (photo from Jon Renau):

jon renau adriana red

I don’t know what color I would go with, though!

I’d love to try something with a bit of swing/volume, so I think that’s why I’ve been looking at styles like these. I’ve been itching to try something with a wave.

So…what do you think? Which should I go with?

If you are taking advantage of Cyber Monday hair deals, what are you getting??

P.S. Aside from hair, I’m about to throw down on this motorized Jeep for the kiddos—it’ll match Daddy’s. Ugh, the holidays are so expensive…

P.P.S. Lemme tell you about how the hair behaves in a real Jeep with the doors and roof off. I’ll have to do a post on it, soon. :)

What’s Your THING?

I have a simple question today that I’d love to get your feedback on.

If you’re wearing hair, what is one thing that you can do now that you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do before wearing hair?

If you’re not wearing hair yet and are struggling with your thinning bio hair, what’s the one thing that you WISH you could do? How is your hair holding you back?

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this lately, and it really hit me a few weekends ago. If I had to choose just ONE thing that wearing hair affords me to do, it’s taking family pictures.

(Yes, I can send out cheesy holiday cards!)

This is only the second year that we’ve had family photos done, and I’ve worn my Noriko Milan, albeit in different colors, each year.

Prior to wearing hair, I’d never dream about actually spending money to have our photos done.

Heck, I don’t think I wore my hair down more than ten times between 2011-2013. It was always in a ponytail, because that way I could tease the crown and make it look like I had more density than I did.

But, ponytails are rarely for pictures. Which meant family photos just weren’t happening.

But now…NOW I can document our family through the years without worrying about my hair. Instead, I can worry about all the normal things—my smile! my weight! my unruly children!—that most women do, without having the state of my wimpy hair add to the chaos.

Here I am, post photo shoot:


You betcha I have fake eyelashes on.

So, what’s your thing?

Non-hair-wearers: What’s the one thing you want to do, but can’t, because of your hair?

Hair-wearers: What can do you now that you couldn’t do before?

I’m really looking forward to your comments!

…and to send out Christmas cards. I admit it.

Happy Hair-iversary! Two Years and Counting…

My little guy just turned two years old, so you know what that means.

I’ve been wearing hair for TWO YEARS.

Isn’t that nuts?

I started wearing hair within days of my son’s birth, because I knew I was about to lose a ton in the post-partum shed, and was trying to be proactive. I’m so glad I took this path—it changed my life!

Today, I thought we’d look back at five of my favorite posts from “year numero dos”. We have so many new readers on the site that I thought this would be fun and beneficial for everyone.

Plus, I like to reminisce. :)


#5: BoostnBlend Hair Fibers: Crazy Before and After!

This was SUCH a fun post to do. How could it not be when you go from this:

womens hair loss

To this:

hair building fibers

You can read more about these hair fibers in my BoostnBlend post, but basically, these little sprinkle-on hair fibers are awesome for concealing hair loss.

Unlike other formulations, they don’t run, they don’t turn green, and they look really natural. The post talks about what technique I like to use (check out the comments) to help make them look totally believable.

I haven’t forgotten that many of you requested a video. It’s definitely on the to-do list.

My bio hair is (sadly) just too plain wimpy to wear hair fibers at this point, but you can bet that if concealing was still an option I’d be pairing BoostnBlend with my beloved Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder to cover up all the thin areas.

#4: Airport Security and Fake Hair

Wear topper or wig clips in your hair?

Never fear, there’s a good chance you can get through airport security without setting off the alarm.

For additional peace of mind, you can always wear your hair in a fun half up/half down style like you see below—pin some of your hair back with bobby pins, and if you set off the alarm anyone will think it’s just the pins that did it.

hair topper worn half up

#3: Remember That One Time Y’all Preferred the Color I DON’T Wear?

Yeah, I do. Because you kind of murdered my soul that day.

I was super-excited to show you guys my new Noriko Milan in Almond Rocka-R.

She was new!
She was custom!
She was the most beautiful color I’d ever seen!

I still love her and wear her to this day. But, while the initial tally was pretty even, it seems many of you preferred Marble Brown to Almond Rocka-R.

Maybe it was because it was the dead of winter when that post went out, and you were pining for a little less cool, and a little more warm. Marble Brown definitely lends itself more to the warmer/golden side.

I’ll never understand why Marble Brown edged out Almond Rocka-R, but I’m glad you shared your opinion with me!

I still vote for Almond-Rocka-R. So, there.


P.S. If anyone is dying to get her hands on a custom, brand new with tags Noriko Milan in Almond Rocka-R, please leave a comment below and I’ll shoot you an email. I just got my custom order in and I have an extra. Price is $175 plus shipping.

#2: Alert! Wig in a Ponytail!

I love taking assumptions and turning them on their heads. No one thinks you can wear wigs in a ponytail, but, you absolutely can!

A low pony will work for most wig wearers no matter how much bio hair you have, but if you have some long bio hair to work with, you can make an amazingly believable ponytail in just two minutes flat.

Looking at this photo makes me want to try blond again…

wig in ponytail

#1: Super Sexy in Fake Hair (Yea!)

We all have had moments with this hair loss thing where we’ve felt that we’ll never feel sexy again. Like we should feel like less of a woman because we don’t have luxurious, flowing locks sprouting from our heads.

I get it. I’ve been there.

I’ve not had that feeling in a long time since I’ve been wearing hair, and because of my hair I did something that I never thought I’d do.

For my husband’s birthday gift, I had a boudoir shoot done, and lived to tell the tale.

(Bonus: My makeup artist was two inches from my face and was AMAZED when I revealed I was wearing hair!)

(Extra Bonus: This pic has never been seen before. Is the hair not drool-worthy?)


There you have it. Five of my favorite posts from my second year of wearing hair.

Did your favorite make the list??

I still can’t believe it has been two years since I’ve been on my hair-wearing journey!

Remember, let me know if you’re interested in the Noriko Milan!