Video: How I Integrate My Bio Hair with a Topper

I thought I’d make my first video showing how I integrate my bio hair with a topper – in this case, my Noriko Milan in Marble Brown. I’ve actually had this piece for over a year; it was the first one I ever bought! No, I haven’t worn it for a year straight (that would be pretty miraculous if a synthetic lasted half of that amount of time!). Rather, I tried her a few times very early on in my hair-wearing experience, but resurrected her on my recent vacation and well, the sparks were reignited.

Please view the video, but then come back to read my comments about this video after. I definitely have several things to say about it.

So, I’ve never done a video before (um, as you can tell) and I had such a hard time trying to get it to work. How in the heck do people do makeup tutorials and stuff where they need both the camera and a mirror?! I think I need to do a set up where I am looking directly into a mirror with the camera right next to it. In short – sorry for the way this is laid out.

I also felt so weird talking to nobody, and I don’t feel like I sound like myself AT ALL in this video. But, maybe the joke’s on me and that’s exactly how I sound.

This isn’t edited, either. I was going to cut it at the beginning and at the end to get some of the junk off, but I actually liked the way my part looked as I went to shut off my camera (check out those roots!) so I left it.

Bottom line: even though I have a blog out in cyberspace showing off my bald spots, I was 10x more insecure putting this video out there than any blog post I’ve ever written. Is that weird? Hopefully, if I do another one, I’ll loosen up a bit and not seem so stiff. :)

I hope this helps to show just how easy it can be to integrate your topper with your bio hair in the morning. The video itself is just over five minutes, but if I’m not “explaining” my process, it could easily be cut down to two minutes. The first time you play with one, it can take awhile but it gets so much easier each time you do it.

The biggest piece of advice I have, is IF you can, to take just the tiniest bit of your bio hair and leave it outside the topper. Even my limp bio hair has a bit of lift right at the root – this natural body presented over the rim of the topper really helps to integrate it fairly seamlessly.

As always, if you have any questions on how better to integrate your bio hair with a topper, let me know!

Here’s a pic I took a few days after the video. I feel much better posting pics!

Integrate bio hair with topper

P.S. I don’t know why I make a face each time I snap a clip in the video. I swear, it doesn’t hurt!

Yes! You CAN Wear a Topper or Wig on Vacation

A while back I posted that I was going on my first vacation wearing helper hair – it was funny to see the hair all laid out and ready to be put into the suitcase. With me, I brought me Noriko Milan as well as the Jon Renau Long Mono Topper – I actually brought two of these. One was a newer one to wear in the evenings, and one was the older one to wear in the pool.

We took a cruise and vacationed in Mexico and Key West and I know what you are wondering: How HOT was it?! Honestly…this is a tough one to answer. I live in the South where it’s 80 degrees or higher nine months out of the year, so I got used to wearing my topper in extreme heat VERY quickly. I do remember the first few times I wore my hair out in public, around this time last year. I did feel a temperature shift, but I don’t recall if it was because I was super-aware of it on my head or if because it actually made me hotter. I’m thinking it’s probably a little of both. Now, though, I don’t feel the heat from it AT ALL – my bio hair has actually not seen (felt?) the light of day since last October so I’m sure it would feel completely different if I didn’t wear hair one day. But, eh, that’s not happening.

During the day, I wore my hair up most of the time. We spent alot of time at the pool and on the beach so I wore my older Jon Renau topper (Long Mono in color 8H14) most of the time. It really didn’t get wet (maybe splashed a little) but in case that it did I wanted to make sure not to ruin my new one.

(If it had gotten wet/sandy/etc. I probably would’ve just been sure to rinse it as quickly as I could when I got back to the room. I’m sure it would’ve fared pretty well as it IS just plastic. Another option would be to bring a spray bottle filled with water [or douse yourself with some from a water bottle] if the hair would’ve gotten sea-salty. Kind of cumbersome, I know, but at least there are options.)

Jon Renau 8h14

Pretty easy-peasy up do! Just twist it up along with your bio hair and clip it with a butterfly clip. Worked beautifully!

Some nights I wanted to wear my hair down, and I thought bringing my Noriko Milan in Marble Brown was a good option for that. I wasn’t wearing this piece “in real life” so I was happy to give her some good use! I re-fell in love with the gorgeous fiber and density on the piece (but more on that later. See some pics of my Noriko Milan here). This old gal actually stayed on quite well, even on the windy cruise ship.

Topper in wind Noriko Milan Marble Brown

Speaking of staying on, all of my pieces did really well in terms of staying in place while being active. There was one day when we were in Key West where the wind was nothing short of brutal. I did experience a bit of discomfort with the front area pulling as we were walking face-first into the wind. A quick readjustment of both the front clip(s) as well as my hair clip probably would’ve solved the issue, but my son was being needy while wanting to be held, I had bags and I was sunburned…so I just let it go.

One thing my husband and I did do was parasail – it’s not the most high-impact watersport by any means, but my toppers survived taking off and landing, as well as a quick dip in the ocean (granted, my hair wasn’t dipped, it was only to my waist!).

So, ladies, don’t be afraid to take your hair on vacation! In fact, no one knows you, so trying hair on vacation (be it for the first time or a different style) is actually the perfect time to wear toppers or wigs!

Pony Bun: Add-on Bun for Thin Hair (Review)

A few days ago I posted about the great sale at – and it’s still going on for a few more days (through May 26th). They are running a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off deal, and I purchased both the Elegance Monofilament Hairpiece by easihair (Pony Bun) as well as a mystery item. ;) The deal was made even sweeter because I went to first, searched for through there, and clicked through. Bam! Another 8.5% off! Buying hair is kind of addicting, so I try to save money wherever I can.

I got my order in three days! That’s amazing! I get to give you a sneak peek at the pony bun, which will give you a chance to decide if it’s something you want, too, since the sale is going on for a few more days.

I thought the pony bun would be great for the pool. I could put my own bio hair up in a high bun, and conceal the front of my head (where my hairloss is the worst) with a wide, stretchy headband.

Here is my bio hair just up. It looks a bit of a mess because I took my topper off and just combed it straight into a ponytail. If it was freshly washed it would look a little better…but let’s be honest, not by much. :) My face here says it all: these tiny baby hairs coming back in (I’m recovering from my post-partum shed) are simply ridiculous.

Bio Hair in Bun

Enter the pony bun. I got it in color 8, Cocoa Bean.

Pony Bun

Nope, you didn’t miss something. That’s actually not a hamster, it IS the pony bun. Here is the inside of it:

Pony Bun Birdsnest

It so much so looked like a bird’s nest that I couldn’t resist. Ok, let’s scrap the birds:

Pony Bun Inside

I think that pic is a bit fuzzy – sorry! I wasted all my time adding birds to the first photo of the inside, so now I have no time to re-take it; the kiddo only naps for so long. :) But, I’m sure you can see that there is a drawstring at the base to help tighten it once it’s around your own bio-bun. There are also two combs in this piece, so you place it over your bio-bun, then wiggle the combs into your bio hair at the top and bottom.

I love the look of this! Here is a side-shot – trust me when I say that pony in the back is ALL pony bun.

Pony Bun Side

And, the top view.

Pony Bun Top

Finally, the finished result with the Elegance Monofilament Hairpiece by easihair. I LOVE it. I especially love it since it was only $17 (and then even less if you factor in my ebates discount!) It feels surprisingly secure, but you could always add a bobby pin or two to help keep it firmly in place. I think this will be a great option for the pool and beach this summer. Even though this was the first time trying a piece like this, it literally took me about 3 minutes to put my bio hair up, attach the pony bun, and throw on a headband. That’s how summer should be, nice and easy.

What do you think?

Pony Bun Final by Easihair

Must Share! Good Deal at through May 26!

Just a quick note to say I got a great deal at on two pieces. They are running a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off deal through May 26…they run alot of free shipping deals, but I’ve never seen any sort of BOGO deal. The deal was made even sweeter by going to first, then searching for there. I saved another 8.5% by using Ebates – yes!

And yes, that is my Ebates referral link – if you’re new to Ebates and sign up (it’s free) I get a few bucks for sending you. You get something, too, I believe. :) I couldn’t NOT put in my link since I’m talking about it anyways! Plus, I have hair to buy…!

I purchased this pony bun, from Easihair, in color 8. I wore my toppers on my recent vacation but have heard from many friends that using a bun and a stretchy headband in the way to go. I technically can get away with using my bio hair for this method, but the pieces that are clipped up just look SO thin. I’m not sure if this is going to be a perfect color match, but I’m hoping it will be close-enough. I almost went with color 6-33, but I remember that was the color that I tried once with the Easipart, and it was much too red for me.

Wouldn’t we all love to have a bun this thick? I’m totally jealous! I’m also thinking I would wear it higher on my head.

Image courtesy of VogueWigs.


The other item I purchased is a surprise…and I’ll blog about it soon! I’ll be sure to take pics of both, as always! has almost every brand imaginable, and alot of great starter toppers, too. The sale is a good one if you’re looking to try something for the first time. Be sure to navigate there through to save another 8.5%, too!

Crazy Hair Regrowth (Post-Pregnancy)

I just can’t decide if I’m happy with the way that my hair is growing in, or if I’m annoyed. Well, let me rephrase…yes, I am happy that my post-partum shed has slowed a bit and my hair is starting to grow back. But, man, sometimes it looks really funny under my toppers. At least, with my first child (and no toppers), the loss was horrible but when it started to grow back I had the short and spiky pieces all over. This time, they are all sprouting out underneath my “perfect-looking” toppers and it’s just an odd look sometimes!

Check out my hair growing back. The majority of it is the temple area and just beyond it. I do have some hair right at the front hairline, as well.

(And don’t ask where I am looking. I simply don’t know. Haha.)

Post Partum Hair Regrowth

When I wear my topper, however, sometimes it creeps out underneath it unless I have the topper laying perfectly flat on my head (which is sometimes difficult because, due to the post-partum loss, it’s hard to find hair in these areas to clip to!). See the little hairs laying just under the rim of the hair piece?

Hair Under Topper Hair Regrowing

I’ve been trying to apply some hairspray prior to putting on my topper in the morning in an effort to keep those little hairs off to the side. They are still short, so sometimes this doesn’t work very well. If all else fails, a little water helps to move them over.

I don’t have a good picture to show of it, but having these little “baby hairs” actually helps to make the area where the part of the topper meets my forehead to look more natural. In fact, many stylists will cut baby hairs into wigs and toppers for this very reason.

My hair also seems to be filling in a little towards the back — it’s hard to tell in this area, though, since my loss isn’t so prominent there and I have more bio hair to cover those tiny hairs. We’ll have to see what I look like in a few more months!

All in all, my post-partum shed lasted, at full-force, about three months. For women that already experience hair loss, that’s enough really to devastate your look. Luckily, I anticipated this and started my hair-wearing journey awhile ago. I just don’t know what I would’ve done without my helper hair!!

This is my Jon Renau topper, in color 8H14, my current topper that I’ve written about before.

Helper Hair Post Partum Regrowth

Wearing Hair on a Vacation

Long time no post! And Sam and Jessica, I know I owe you an email, too. Just a quick note to say I’m off for a short vacation – and look what I have to pack! All of my hair-loss friends cautioned me that you must always leave home with a backup. So, here’s you’ll see the topper piece I normally wear (right), pool/beach/who gives a crap hair (left), and my old Milan (my first topper). I never wear Ms. Milan as she’s a bit too short and golden, but she lays so nicely that I thought I’d give her a whirl since I’m amongst strangers. That’s what vacation is for, right? I almost wish I had some topper that was completely out of the norm to play with while I’m gone!

For the pool topper, I plan to wear it up with a big, stretchy hair band. It might get a little wet, but that’s ok. The nice thing about all this hair trial-and-error is that you always have back up pieces for situations like these.

Catch you all in a few days!

P.S. If you happen to notice the Batman undies in the top left corner…um, those aren’t mine. Just so you know.

Taking Hair on Vacation


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