{Giveaway!} My New Favorite Hair Accessory

You all know how much I LOVE putting my toppers up–isn’t that the beauty of wearing a topper over a wig, after all (you know, you CAN wear a wig up, too…but that’s for another post!)? I’ve talked about this so many times–in the hot South, nothing is better than putting my topper up into an updo.

I was speaking to one of my readers (and blogger friend – she blogs over at Prairie Dust Trail), Dawnita, and she suggested trying out a Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip. I was telling her that nothing is worse than when you are wearing your hair up, and you feel the clips pulling.

The last thing you want to do is cause additional loss, right?

Dawnita was kind enough to send me a gorgeous hair clip to try (similar to the one you see directly below), in a size Small. Lilla Rose hair clips come in a few different sizes to accommodate the thinnest, slipperiest of hair (hello, old bio hair!) to the thickest, most enviable hair. Based on my bio hair and topper hair, she felt the Small would be the perfect size for me, and she was right! I love it so much that I wanted to tell you all about it…and, best of all, I have one for you, too.


It’s a pretty nifty little all-in-one hair clip. See the “stick part”? It’s actually attached to the clip on the side. You open it up, slide your hair in, then secure it on the other side. It has just the tiniest bit of give to keep your pony secure. Easy peasy.


You guys…this clip is SO comfortable. Way more comfortable than a normal elastic pony. No pulling whatsoever!


How pretty is it, too?!

(You’ll actually note that the stick should be pushed in, further. It still holds just fine, which is why I didn’t notice. My husband took the pictures and this is something his male brain would never pick up on.)

I got not one, but TWO compliments while I was out grocery shopping. One was actually from a man. This was kind of odd, I’ll admit.

While I love the look of a traditional pony tail, my all-time favorite look is when I wear it in a messy up-do.


My claw clips are great. They really are. But I love how this Lilla Rose hair clip looks a bit more polished. More put together. More oh la la.

There is one thing that I absolutely *adore* about this hair clip, and I bet it’s something you might not think about.

Can you tell what it is, from the pic below?


When I wear my claw clips, inevitably, the darn things slip throughout the day. I am constantly readjusting them. That just comes with the territory since the claw clips are almost TOO flexible, and I’ve accepted that. What I hate, though, is that the bottom part of my hair (closest to my nape) eventually droops down and starts to look SO messy.

Do you guys know what I am talking about?

That bottom hair stays securely UP into my little updo here…all day. ALL DAY. This is huge, people.

Want a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip for yourself? Dawnita was awesome enough to send along a size XS clip for me to giveaway! Check out this little gem:


An XS would work for me if I was wearing one of my less-dense toppers (think Jon Renau long topper or my first topper, the Amore) or if I was doing a half-pony.

Be sure to check out all the different Lilla Rose “hair pretties” Dawnita has. I’m thinking a Flexi-Oh! might be in my very near future.

Enter to win your very own Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip (size XS, U.S. residents, only) below! Winner will be chosen on February 4th and contacted by me through email.

I know many bloggers typically announce the winner right in the form, below. I value your anonymity given the nature of my blog, so I will not be announcing the winner here as it would display the winner’s first and last initial. I’m cool like that. :) Winner will be contacted via a private email from me.

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Sassy Short Wig: Noriko Reese (Love!)

I know there are plenty of women here who are interested in short wigs. Short wigs are often so swingy and sassy, but I haven’t tried any, myself.

What’s a girl to do when she wants to show you a short wig but doesn’t own it? Ask her friend to guest post, of course. My friend, Marisa, is rocking one of the cutest short wigs around: Noriko Reese in Chestnut.


Today’s post comes to you from Marisa of marisaporter.com:

Hi, Lauren’s Readers!

I’ve tried many different solutions for my hair issues. And even though I’m sure I’ll continue to do so, I’m not sure anything is as fun and easy as the “I-just-pulled-my-latest-style-out-of-a-box-and-I-want-to-go-out-now” kind of feeling you get when you order just the right hair-mail in the right color. That’s the kind of fabulous feeling you get when the Reese comes in the mail. (Not to mention the fabulous bang-for-your-buck!)

I got so many compliments and comments wearing Reese. You know how you always wonder if people are starting at the back of your head, wondering if your hair is real or not?

Some of the most surprising comments I got while wearing Reese were:

“Who cut your hair?”

“I’m so sick of my hair. I’d like to try your style.”

And my favorite:

“How long does your hair take you to style every morning?”

I was unprepared for the last question, so I said, “Um….not too long!” And I hoped I didn’t look as caught in the headlights as I felt.

Maybe I’ll try an expensive creme-de-la-creme hand-tied monofilament kind of wig next. I’d like to see how that feels and wears. But seriously, for under $100 (which is what I paid), you can’t beat this look.

I’m not sure how this would feel in the summer, but I’m loving wearing it in the winter. The only time I didn’t love it was when I was really sick and visiting family for the holidays at the same time. Lying down to rest brings questions to mind like, “Do you take a nap with or without the extra hair?”

“What if I’m lying on the couch, and it moves?” (I don’t really remember feeling that way about my other wigs. I slept in them sometimes, so I don’t know if this is just exceptionally bulky or if it was the combination of circumstances.)

“What if a family member walks into my room and sees me wig-less?”

Another interesting time was when my niece was playing with my hair. She’s only ten, and I don’t know what she thought but she didn’t say anything. I think I even felt her adjust the edge of the cap near my neck. Unusually tactful? Just thought it was an invisible headband? We’ll never know.

But aside from feeling sick (who wants to be around people while sick, anyway?), I find wearing it a really pleasant experience.


Here are some pros and cons:

Pros of Noriko Reese:

Price: you can’t get lower, can you?
Color selection: a lot of beautiful highlights in the color selection on Noriko.
Built-in-style: it’s a gorgeous short wig.
Length of fibers leads to longer wear and durability (shorts wigs don’t rub on your shoulders/back as often as longer wigs, meaning the fibers stay nicer, longer).

Cons of Noriko Reese:

Weight: with all the height and perma-tease—is this wig heavier than others or is it my imagination? A hair-wearing friend of mine called it a “tank.”
Lack of monofilament or mono-part top. This might not be a con for everyone. It just means that you don’t get the “human part” scalp see-through that some are looking for. But when this wig is teased the way it’s supposed to be and the way it is when new, you can’t really see the part anyway. I didn’t find this to be a big issue.

…Lauren, here. What do you guys think of this short wig? I just love it, and Marisa can totally pull off this short style. I really wish I could cut bangs like this into my pieces. Hmmm…maybe a project for another day!

What do you guys think of Reese? Leave us a comment below and tell us all about it.

Before you do, check out the video Marisa made about this short wig—it shows off Reese beautifully! It almost makes me want to try short wigs, sometime!

marisaporterMarisa Porter is the gal behind marisaporter.com. In her own words:

“Nothing picks me up like pretty hair, a new eye shadow from Inglot, or just the right foundation. This is the other side of my life—where I balance out living in a geeky world of coding with pretty girly things.”

Be sure to check out her blog—she talks about alopecia/hair, too!

Another Reason to Hate the Dentist

I’ve been to the dentist a handful of times since I started wearing a hair topper, and I don’t really think too much of it. I never care about the actual dentist, who is a man. He’s in the room for all of two seconds, quickly looks in my mouth, and leaves. Plus, he’s a guy, and I 100% believe they don’t notice much when it comes to hair.

The hygienist I see (you know, the one you spend the most time with) is older than me by about 15 years or so. She’s got pretty normal hair (because I always check – do you?) and two teenage daughters. I’m not sure if it’s because of our age difference, but she hasn’t “bothered” me with this whole hair thing.

The hygienist I saw last week, however, left me wanting to crawl into a hole.

Yes, ladies, I still have these moments.

She and I aren’t friends “in real life”, but we have mutual friends. She’s my age, if not slightly younger, and her two kids are close in age to my two. She used to clean my teeth regularly, but was out of the office at one point so I had to switch hygienists, and I never bothered to switch back to her. My husband has always gone to her, though, and is even Facebook friends with her (yes, I know it’s odd). She’s cleaned both of my parents’ teeth AND my in-laws teeth (“your husband looks just like his Dad!”).

I know our relationship is a professional one but we are just connected because of all that.

Not emotionally-connected, of course, but due to social media she knows we went to Disney, for example, in December. Because we have mutual friends she knows little things about us. She commented that she liked our holiday photos. My parents told her where our kids go to daycare and asked what we thought of it. Small chit-chat that is nothing out of the ordinary. I would never really care as that’s what happens in normal relationships.

But she was about to be three inches from my “monotopped-scalp” and it was enough to make me want to vomit. Three inches from my tiny bit of bio hair pulled out in front of my topper.

Three inches from KNOWING.

The intellectual side of me kept saying “it’s fine, why would she even look at your hair?”

The other, less rational side of me was jeering, “she knows everything else about you, and in a few short minutes she’ll know about your hair, too!”

Throughout the entire cleaning, I found myself casually glancing up at her to see where she was looking. I made half-serious plans to make a getaway (those instruments are sharp…if I accidentally twitched and she cut my gums she’d have to pull away, right??). I’m sure I looked calm and collected on the outside but I kept repeating one sentence in my mind:


Guys, do I ever swear? Not on here at least. But, I had to tell you exactly what I was feeling.

I realized that whenever I feel self-conscious about my hair, I do have a coping mechanism: taking control of the situation.

Sounds fierce, but it’s really something I do with my eyes.

Never, and I mean NEVER has anyone made a comment about my topper. I swear, too, I’ve never seen a suspicious glance at it. But, there are times where I just need to make myself feel less anxious about the whole thing. My weapon of choice?

Eye contact.

I’m not a big eye contact “person”. I’m not shy or anything, but there are some people (i.e. my boss) who don’t ever break eye contact and it’s just creepy. I’m not like that. I do find, however, when I need to feel better about my hair in a situation, I take back some control by looking a person straight in the eye and continuing the conversation.

It’s almost as if I’m saying, “I’m here and I see you. I dare you to so much as glance at my head.”

Sounds a little extreme, there. There is a part of me that does indeed think that, but I think a larger part of me is really saying, “See me? See my eyes? I’m a person, too. Please don’t say anything to make me feel horrible.”

Sad, but true.

As soon as I make eye contact, which seems to give me some control over the (made-up) situation, I do feel better. Much better.

Ladies, try it sometime.

In the dentist chair, however, my safety blanket was gone. I couldn’t see where she was looking—at least most of the time—and I couldn’t make eye contact.

So, instead, I writhed in my chair. She would ask me to turn towards her so she could get a better angle, and I’d do so, but minimally.

I found myself looking for lulls in her conversation (did she pause because she is focusing on my scalp?) or waiting for a faux-compliment (please don’t ask where I get my hair done because you love it SO much), but, of course, none of that happened.

I was in that chair for all of 15 minutes—and the time which she was in direct visual contact with my scalp was probably only a third of that!—but it felt like an eternity.

She took the little napkin-on-a-chain-thingy off of me and I shot out of that chair like a bat out of hell. I quickly regained composure, we finished up my chit-chat, and I got ready to leave.

Not without looking her square in the eye and telling her how great it was to see her, of course.

Phew, composure regained. Confidence back in full-force. Next appointment in six months (crap).

But hey, no cavities.