Products to Hide Women’s Hair Loss

There are actually a ton of products to hide women’s hair loss out there, it’s just a matter of finding which ones work for you. If you need to cover a larger area, many women opt for for hair fibers. These are small (they almost look like dust) hair fibers that you shake into the area that you need coverage and then pat down. They cling to your own natural hair and have a similar texture, so they look fairly realistic. The hair fibers I’ve used in the past are Toppik hair fibers. They come in a few colors and are pretty believable (I take “Light Brown”)!

One of my favorite products to hide women’s hair loss is Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder…I get it from Amazon. It’s always worth a click to see if Sephora has it, too. I think it’s actually touted as a dry shampoo, but what it does is conceal your scalp and thicken up the root area.

Now you all know what my hair loss looks like with freshly-shampooed hair:

female hair loss


And here I am with NO concealers, but with volumizing products for thin hair:

Volumizing Products for Thinning Hair

Me with Volumizing Hair Products

So, what did I use to get the look above? Well, a few things. The #1 product my readers write me ALL THE TIME about is Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus. This product is amazing for adding thickness at the roots – I can’t believe the difference this product makes in my styling route.

I also like to use Nioxin Diamax right at my roots. This product is actually made to thicken each individual hair strand. Combined with the Big Sexy product mentioned above, it makes a huge difference in my before/after, don’t you think?

I love layering the two products, but if you are looking for just one product to add volume, go with Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus.

Now, if you add in my Bumble & Bumble concealer (color: Brown), you have this:

products to hide womens hair lossWith Hair Loss Concelear


And one final one that shows it a bit more close-up with the hair loss spray powder. I don’t think I had product overload here; it looks a bit darker on either side of my part about 1 inch up from my forehead. I’m wondering if it’s a shadow from the light fixture above? Not sure…it’s really hard taking these picture sometimes! Plus, the lighting in my bathroom is never great.

The Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder is the icing on the cake that takes my hair to the next level. The other products help it to look “more normal”, but the hair powder gives me the confidence to go on with my day, knowing that my thinness is perfectly concealed.


products to hide women's hair lossWith Hair Loss Concealer–Close Up


So there you have it–me at my very worst to what I look like every day. Now you know the major products I use…be sure to check out my complete volumizing and disguising routine, too.

What products to hide women’s hair loss do you use? Anyone use Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder like me?


  1. lili says

    Hi, your results are really impressive!! I am going to try Bumble & Bumble concealer too, I was very impressed with the last picture. Thank you for sharing!

    • Lauren says

      Let me know what you think when you try it! I’ve mastered the technique (all sprays take practice); let me know if you need help! It’s best to put UNDER a bit of hair — so you have a tiny bit to cover the spray with.

  2. Sara says

    Thanks for sharing this! This gives me so much hope right now. I am 24 and my hair looks pretty much the same. It is so hard to go out like this every day when people keep staring at your hair (or rather what remained of it) all the time. I’m not sure if I can purchase the Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder in Germany, but I think I will definitely give it a try as Toppik is not working for me at all, lol :)

    • Lauren says

      I hope you can find it! The link above is to Amazon–not sure if they ship internationally or not! There’s a bit of a learning curve with the spray, but as long as you have a bit of hair to lay on top of where you spray I’ve found it looks pretty well to cover hair loss. Good luck–let me know how it goes, or if you’ve found anything else! Why don’t you like the Toppik?

  3. Kim says

    Hey Lauren,
    I may have asked you these questions already but I forget. How durable is the Bumble and Bumble spray? I have read a lot of reviews about it being messy, staining clothes and pillow cases, and running if you get caught in the rain. And how long does your bottle typically last you? I am currently using a combo of Dermmatch/Joan Rivers and Toppik. For the most part, it’s the Dermmatch/Joan Rivers that I count on. I brush it all over my scalp, then style my hair, then sprinkle on some Toppik in the spots that need it. None of my products have run off my head in the rain. In fact when I get in the shower I have found that even putting my head under the water doesn’t really make it run. I have to really wash/scrub. Anyway I am wondering if Bumble and Bumble will give me more/better coverage. For the price I want to be sure it’s not a big old mess. The powders I use are messy…fibers get all over my bathroom like a coat of dust, which drives me INSANE, but other than that they last a long time and I couldn’t live without them.

    • Lauren says

      When I used Toppik, I could never get an even application–I always sprinkled too much or too little. I’ve heard good things about Dermmatch–how much is that? The B&B spray typically will last me at least 6 months. I don’t experience any problems with it getting on sheets, etc., because I put it on my scalp and then put a section of hair OVER it. So, if it were to rub on anything there is a small layer in between to help buffer. Also, as you can tell from my pics, it’s on the top of my head and not the sides, so there’s less of a chance of rub-off when I sleep just given its position). I’ve never been caught in the rain (at least not without an umbrella!) but I have noticed that if I have a really hard workout that causes my scalp to get damp that it can show a bit at the hairline. It’s easy enough to fix (and only noticeable to me) but this stuff isn’t waterproof. So, hard decision–so much depends on your lifestyle, climate and overall tolerance, I guess!

      Oh, and concerning the mess…it does get in my sink, some, when I spray it. It easily washes away, but it’s not mess-proof.

  4. says

    Holy wow! Your results are indeed impressive. My mom is much older and she is suffering from hairloss so I am going to reccomend your advice to her and show her the results. Thank you for sharin!

  5. Nynne says

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!!
    I myself have diffuse hairloss and i feel so bad about my look theese days.
    I have considered buying a wig, but since i still have some hair on my head, i will try this out instead.
    And also thank you for showing the Pictures and being honest about your hairloss, it makes girls like me feel a bit less alone with this :-)
    All my best.
    Nynne, Denmark

    • Lauren says

      Always happy to share my misery with others! :) I feel the same way about the wig (or at least a topper) — I’m not *quite* there yet, but I feel I might be someday. For now, I’m going to use what I have!

  6. Lisa says

    I just want to say thanks. I just happen to stumble onto your site and I have found some great information. I have been really ‘suffering’ with hair loss in the last couple of months. I never really realized I was losing my hair until I looked at some pics of me at Christmas. Now I know why no one ever commented when I had a new cut or dye. I guess others could see I was balding. I just got a perscription for spiro so I hope that works but I’m definitely going to try and find those products you mentioned. Your hair looks great!

    • Lauren says

      Good luck with the Spiro! I’m sure if you poked around my blog you saw my pic of the Spiro “dread shed”, right? Just know that it could very possibly get worse, and then it will normalize to where you are now, and then *hopefully* it will get better. If you remember, pop back and let me know how it goes!

  7. says

    Have you noticed any changes in your hair since going Paleo? I have seen some people post about it. I also have thin hair and cover it mostly by having extensions. I switched to Burts Bees shampoo and conditioner just recently after reading some posts about natural shampoo and conditioner helping.

  8. Randy says

    Your hair is so much like mine. Thank you so much for posting this. Its so hard to be female with this problem and look in the mirror. So tired of crying about it. I started Paleo in hopes to see results too. Going to check out the products you use.

  9. Traile Meyer says

    Got a sample of the Shielo Volume shampoo and conditioner and I swear its the Best thing that ever happened to me!!! I have alot of naturally wavy hair, that I was told was thin…and doesn’t do well in humidity. Ive practically tried every shampoo and conditioner out there and Shielo was IT for me!!!!!! Makes my hair feel soft and silky! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!

    • Lauren says

      Awesome! Does it help with loss or is it helping your hair to appear fuller, only? Either way — great!

  10. says

    No way!! It looks like you added hair! I think you finally persuaded me to try concealers in the back and crown. Thank you for being so open on your site – it’s wonderfully encouraging.

  11. Liz says

    I just found your site and have the same issues. I am 41, diagnosed with PCOS in my mid-20s and one of the many symptoms of that is male-patterned hairloss in females. So, here I am on the verge of considering a topper. But then I found your site and I think I will try out some concealers. Thank you for being so frank and honest. I feel so un-feminine with this hair of mine.

    • Lauren says

      I hope you find one that works for you! Toppers are my next step, but I was so glad to be able to use concealers for several years!

  12. Brittney says

    Thank you for this review! Plan to order this later today! I have some pretty awful traction alopecia from the mircobead extensions (which I only had in for 2.5 months) and am dealing with a lot of thinness in the hair I have left. I would rock a ponytail every day if I wasn’t so paranoid about my “bald” spots from the TA showing. I feel like I have been a whiny baby with all this when I see what others such as yourself are going through. That being said, I am grateful to have found this information! Much luck to you!

  13. Christine says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and your techniques. This is the first post I found but I plan to read over your whole blog. I stumbled upon it via google and I’m so glad I did. I bounce between acceptance and pure anxiety over my thinning hair and it helps to know I’m not alone and there are ways to make it better. Thank you. So much!

  14. Jessie says

    Thank you so much for this!! I’m in tears bc of my thinning hair and I’m only 27. I have tried everything possible but it still keeps getting thinner. I’m going to be looking this product up, it makes me sad that I have to use these kinds of products…but thankful they are there..

  15. Heather says

    Did you notice a ‘shed’ when you started rogaine? I am afraid to start because I don’t want to lose anymore! Did you ever consider a YouTube video of your concealing process? Thanks for doing this, I had a very full head of curly hair and then had chemo 2x and a hysterectomy because of cancer. Now I think I have about a fourth of what I used to have and now it’s bone straight! UGHHH!!

    • Lauren says

      Hi Heather! I didn’t notice a shed when I started, thank goodness. Unfortunately, everyone is different. I HAVE thought of doing a YouTube video, I just don’t have a tripod for my phone…maybe one of these days!

  16. Michelle says

    As many others have said, I’m so glad to have stumbled across this blog. So great to know I’m not the only one struggling with hair thinning and hair loss. Thanks for all you share on this blog!!

  17. Tanya says

    Hi Lauren, Thanks for sharing your story. Its funny how many women are having the same experience. I’m feeling anxiety always – especially at work. Its a big office and i always worry people are looking at my hair. I had heard of fiber products but never tried any. I think I was too scared they wouldnt be any good. Then I saw your posts and looked into it a bit. There is a charity called Alopecia UK and they recommend Nanogen and since I am from England and they carry the brand at the main pharmacy Boots, I went and got some there. Its brilliant and has really made me smile and feel confident for the first time in ages since all this hair loss started. People have noticed at work but all just ask if i have had my hair cut. Something which actually works. It is such an amazing little product. I tried the Toppik one from the website but the demo they sent me was not as good color as the Nanogen and its a little more expensive. Still it was very good also. I will try the Bumble and Bumble too. But thankfully I have found a small miracle. I’m also now using Regaine for Women and its been a few weeks only but i am thinking the hairs are thicker. All in all, the first good news hairwise I’ve had in a long time. I wish everyone reading this love from rainy England.

  18. Tara says

    My hair has thinned considerably this last year and I’m not exactly sure of the cause. However, the process has been very stressful and creates a lot of anxiety. Your web site is wonderful and makes me feel so much better. Thank you for taking the time to share your story and to offer helpful solutions!

  19. JaelynRae says

    Hi there!

    I found your site looking for hair extension options for thinning/brittle PCOS hair. I saw this linked to a different article and was curious. I have been using Bumble powder for years as a dry shampoo so I only have to wash my hair once a week. I never considered it to be a concealer for thinning hair, though it does add a little thickness. I know this is old but I thought I would comment to possibly help future readers.

    Just an FYI – I don’t have any experience with the darker colors, but I do know for sure that the white and blondish (for platinum to natural blondes) do NOT work as a scalp concealer. Also if you use either over a sunburned scalp they both look like you have bad dandruff, or dumped flour on your head. Ironically I have found that spraying water on your crown and adding actual flour works well to hide a sunburned scalp if you have lighter blonde hair. I am guessing the blonde Bumble powders are just too light to use as a concealer. They are amazing as a dry shampoo though and work well to add a little body/thickness. I now alternate with Beyond the Zone Rock On dry shampoo because the B&B is very expensive(!!) and drys out my hair a bit more than Rock On. However Rock On only comes in the sheer white which could be visible in darker hair if not brushed in thoroughly.

    Hope that helps!

  20. Tracy says

    Had to let you know how much your site has helped me. I was wearing a ball cap 18 hours a day 7 days a week to hide my “shame”. Trying Toppik based on your results has made such a difference in my life. Thank you!

  21. Susan says

    I bought a sample size of the Bumble and Bumble, and I want to love it, but I can’t seem to apply it correctly, or at least so it looks anything like yours. HELP! If I hold it as far away as the can suggests, it does nothing but add volume like a regular dry shampoo. If I hold it close, it looks like I used regular house paint on my scalp. My hair is med blonde, so I got the Blondish. I think the color is ok, but I can’t get it to look even remotely natural. I’m so frustrated. It’s starting to feel like nothing will work.

    • Lauren says

      Have you mastered the half-spritz yet? I don’t depress the button fully, but only halfway or so. Also, do you have some hair to place over the area where you sprayed?

      • Susan says

        I haven’t tried the half spritz yet, I’ll have to try it when I get more in. I had to order more since I only had the tiny bottle to play with. I’m trying to cover the sparse hair where my part is, so I’m not sure how I would put hair over that? I wish I could just turn back time and have my old hair back :`(

        • Susan says

          How close do you hold it to your scalp? Have you ever though of doing a video? Your pictures are so wonderful, I can only imagine how helpful a video would be :)

          • Lauren says

            I know, I know – I should. In fact, I think I will. I’ll just have to ignore my own voice (doesn’t everyone hate that?). Be on the lookout, soon.

            As far as how close I hold it – I am thinking about 8 inches or so.

        • Lauren says

          Try this – make a new part about 1/8″ over from where your natural part is. Take that hair that you used to make the new part (no matter how spare but it’s helpful to have a tiny, tiny bit) and lay that over your natural part. Spray THAT area with the B&B, and then lay the hair that is laid over your natural pat over the sprayed area to help camouflage. I hope that makes sense…?

          • Mynde Crawford says

            Yes, Lauren, please do make a video!! I’m going to order Bumble now, based on your experience with it. Thank you for your website and your honesty!

  22. Toni L'Hommedieu says

    I used a bumble and bumble tinted hair spray that covered my bald spot perfectly when my thinning hair was combed over it. I live in the Northeast and was told the product wasn’t available in that part of the country. I tried a powder. It not only didn’t work as well , it balled up on my scalp. I can’t use it no matter what I do. I need the Bumble and bumble spray back. Where can I get it or a product like it.

      • Toni L'Hommedieu says

        Thanks for the info.I appreciate it.

        I used a bumble and bumble tinted hair spray that covered my bald spot perfectly when my thinning hair was combed over it. I live in the Northeast and was told the product wasn’t available in that part of the country. I tried a powder. It not only didn’t work as well , it balled up on my scalp. I can’t use it no matter what I do. I need the Bumble and bumble spray back. Where can I get it or a product like it.

  23. Kelly says

    I did nothing but cry today and feel like such a freak its not funny. I have to find something to hide this other then an stupid cap, I am sick of wearing my cap everywhere, I feel so un-normal. Will bumble and bumble work if your hair is parted down the center?

    • Lauren says

      Hi, I’d think so. Take a bit of your hair on either side of the part and spray just beyond that, then use those little bits on both sides to cover.

      • Kelly says

        Thanks for your quick response, I will try that. I did try the toppiks today and liked it, went out to the store without my cap on and kept looking in the store mirror as I passed by and I couldn’t tell I had anything on and I was happy. I will try the bumble and bumble. Thanks for posting all your pics, you do a fantastic job, I hope I can master it as well as you. I will definately try your suggestion of both sides, thanks :)

  24. Kelly says

    Another question for you with the B&B you use, do you have to wash it out every night or can you sleep with it in your hair? Thanks so much.

    • Lauren says

      Typically I would wear my hair down the day I washed it then up the next day (since my hair was thin, sleeping on it would make it look horrible the next day so at the end of day 1 I would just throw it in a pony tail and then wear it up the next day). So, nope, wouldn’t wash it out. It was *very* rare that any rubbed off on my pillowcase due to its placement (it’s not like it was on the side of my head), but it does wash right out if that happens. I hope it helps!

  25. Kelly says

    Yes thank you.

    “since my hair WAS thin”….are you saying that your hair grew back??? PLEASE tell us how, that is terrific!!

  26. Kelly says

    Ok, so you must have just used the wrong word as I just read about your topper and wig search, sorry. When I read “was” I thought you were successful in getting it to grow back. I am new to this blog so haven’t read everything yet, sorry. Have you tried Paula Young wigs? I ordered two of them, They are ok for now, but I am still looking for one that really suits me.

  27. Kelly says

    Lauren, I saw a video of a women with pcos and she said she started noticing her hair falling out when she was about 28 or 29. Well, that’s also when I noticed it with me. But I didn’t notice anything else, now being just over 50 I have a lot of menopause symptoms and when I read the symptoms of pcos I notice many of them are the same. I also read that there is no true test to see if one really has pcos. So, how am I suppose to know if what I’ve been experiencing after 50 is pcos or just true menopause???? I don’t know what to think now that I read up on it. Many of my symptoms not including hair loss started after I turned 50. I never even read up on pcos until I came across this site. Now I am wondering if I have it or if its just menopause symptoms.

      • Kelly says

        Not yet, I did just read that although they are similar the difference is hot flashes and I am certainly getting a lot of those, so I am thinking its just menopause but will still see my doctor. Thanks Lauren, I didn’t think about an endocrinologist I will look into that as well.

  28. Kelly says

    I am new to using toppiks (thanks to finding this site) and going out without wearing my hat made me feel a tad normal again. I look in the store mirrors and I can’t tell I even have anything in my hair. My husband couldn’t even tell! Eventually I will tell him though but I am surprised he can’t tell. Maybe I am just so self conscience about it is why I think he or others will notice. I just don’t want to use it too much. I tried Claudia Stevens powder and it was hard to wash out and almost didn’t rinse down the tub very well and I was afraid it was going to stain the tub but I used comet and it turned out ok. Not sure if I will use it again, toppiks seems to be better.

  29. John says

    I’m very chemically sensitive and my girlfriend is using some kind of powder that hurts my sinuses and eyes. Is there any product that is less of a powder that will not aerosol or have a strong scent? Thanks!

    • Lauren says

      Tell her to look into hair fibers – either Caboki (which offers a free trial) or Toppik, etc. Those shouldn’t have any scent and they are non-aerosol. Depending on how much coverage she needs, sometimes something as basic as eyeshadow can do the trick.

  30. Z says

    Thank youy so much for posting and sharing everything!

    My hair loss is almost identical to yours and I have tried practically everything. I have used hair toppers but I found my hair got thinner quicker with every day use and to be honest it got to be quite a chore having to put that thing on every day. I currently use hair fibers, dermmatch.

    I tried looked for the B&B dry shampoo you recommended but I had no luck Instead I found Rita Hazan’s root concealer at Ulta. I haven’t fully tried it yet, just tested it at the store, but from whet I’ve tested and with just the youtube video alone I really do like what I see so far.

    here’s the video:

    I’ll be trying the spray tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes! again, thank you so much for your blog, your pics, and your video!!!!

    • Lauren says

      Yes, let me know how it goes! The B&B is available at Sephora (I think that’s the only chain store), select salons, and Amazon. Can’t wait to hear about your results with the stuff you got.

  31. Skat says

    Hi, I also came across your video first on youtube, that led me to your blog. I have probably been shedding too much hair for several years now, but it was this past June/July of 2014 that I first noticed two very thin (see scalp right through the hair) patches. I also noticed tons of hair loss in the few months prior to that in those 2 specific areas, but didn’t dwell on it since I didn’t see any consequences from the loss and was wrapped up in raising my 2 small kids. Of course when I did see the spots randomly one day out of the blue, I freaked out, then proceeded to have any and every blood test that was mentioned online. Of course normal results except a lower Ferritin level, which I since raised to above 60 and still take my iron supplement so it may be still be on the rise. No real additional growth that I see from that and in face, my shedding has picked up on and off anywhere from 120 – 150 on average from beginning of am to pm shower. Anyway, sorry so long, I actually have a question or two. I am wondering if the topper you have been wearing has thinned out your hair any further due to stressing the roots? Does it irritate your scalp with the weight over the course of the day and what about shifting or movement in windy situations such as going in and out of businesses and such? I have really been fighting myself on using any products to conceal the obvious loss and feel resentful that I have to waste more time and energy on something that is already robbing me of my self esteem and sanity. I feel like covering it up is telling my body, I give up, do whatever you want and thus will excel the loss further and faster than before. Any advice would be appreciated as you are definitely a roll model. Most of the women I’ve seen or read posts from seem to have been lucky enough to make it close to or past menopause before experiencing this loss, so at 35 the thought of dealing with this for that many more years is daunting. If anyone has made it this far in reading, I thank you for taking your time!

    • Lauren says

      Well, I’m sure you know (intellectually) that just because you decide to wear hair/use products to conceal, your body isn’t going to accelerate the thinning. Can it cause additional loss at the site of the clips? Yes! It’s always best to sew in additional clips and rotate the use of them so that you aren’t stressing one area too often. I was just too lazy. :)

      Sometimes, yes, I just want to take it off at the end of the day. This is moreso when my bio hair needs a wash, my bio hair is too long, or my topper is dirty. I am just more “aware” of it during those times and I want it off. It doesn’t hurt or rub or bother me in any other way – I can only explain it as being “aware”. Some ladies, however, absolutely NEED to take it off as soon as possible when getting home for the day (from work, for example). I haven’t experienced that, personally.

      And, I’m sorry about the “normal” levels from your bloodwork…I know that all too well, unfortunately!

  32. Ra says

    Hi, Lauren,

    Also a new follower. And like so many of the other ladies on here, I’d like to thank you for creating your blog and sharing your story with others. It really helps to not feel so alone.

    I’m still just trying to adjust to all this, but one question I had was regarding the use of Toppik or the like–although it seems I’m thinning throughout, it seems the top back of my head is the most problematic. However, it’s harder for me to personally see back there (although others can : (
    So I’m having a tough time getting Toppik somewhere that I can’t see and holding a mirror and the bottle at the same time. Do you have any suggestions/tips for using it in tough to see spots?

    • Lauren says

      That’s a tough one – anyone have any ideas for Ra?

      If it were me, I might have my husband help (not likely, though). Or, just go slowly and check often with a mirror. The Bumble & Bumble might be good for this area as it’s a bit more precise than the fibers.

  33. Marsha says

    Just wondering since you use the spray on your hair when it is dry do you have to dry your hair again? Or does it dry quickly on its own?

  34. Shirley stuehm says

    Can anyone tell me their experience with Rogaine. I’m afraid to try it because I heard it can make your hair fall out worse. Or you can have a reaction to it and then it will really fall out. If anyone has experience with Rogaine could you please share if it worked and did it make your hair fall out worse at first. I have some much anxiety over this.


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