Video: How I Integrate My Bio Hair with a Topper

I thought I’d make my first video showing how I integrate my bio hair with a topper – in this case, my Noriko Milan in Marble Brown. I’ve actually had this piece for over a year; it was the first one I ever bought! No, I haven’t worn it for a year straight (that would be pretty miraculous if a synthetic lasted half of that amount of time!). Rather, I tried her a few times very early on in my hair-wearing experience, but resurrected her on my recent vacation and well, the sparks were reignited.

Please view the video, but then come back to read my comments about this video after. I definitely have several things to say about it.

So, I’ve never done a video before (um, as you can tell) and I had such a hard time trying to get it to work. How in the heck do people do makeup tutorials and stuff where they need both the camera and a mirror?! I think I need to do a set up where I am looking directly into a mirror with the camera right next to it. In short – sorry for the way this is laid out.

I also felt so weird talking to nobody, and I don’t feel like I sound like myself AT ALL in this video. But, maybe the joke’s on me and that’s exactly how I sound.

This isn’t edited, either. I was going to cut it at the beginning and at the end to get some of the junk off, but I actually liked the way my part looked as I went to shut off my camera (check out those roots!) so I left it.

Bottom line: even though I have a blog out in cyberspace showing off my bald spots, I was 10x more insecure putting this video out there than any blog post I’ve ever written. Is that weird? Hopefully, if I do another one, I’ll loosen up a bit and not seem so stiff. :)

I hope this helps to show just how easy it can be to integrate your topper with your bio hair in the morning. The video itself is just over five minutes, but if I’m not “explaining” my process, it could easily be cut down to two minutes. The first time you play with one, it can take awhile but it gets so much easier each time you do it.

The biggest piece of advice I have, is IF you can, to take just the tiniest bit of your bio hair and leave it outside the topper. Even my limp bio hair has a bit of lift right at the root – this natural body presented over the rim of the topper really helps to integrate it fairly seamlessly.

As always, if you have any questions on how better to integrate your bio hair with a topper, let me know!

Here’s a pic I took a few days after the video. I feel much better posting pics!

Integrate bio hair with topper

P.S. I don’t know why I make a face each time I snap a clip in the video. I swear, it doesn’t hurt!


  1. Jacobsmum says

    I am delurking to tell you that this was so helpful to watch, thanks for sharing!

    When you get a chance, could you please post a video of how you style your toppers; e.g. putting a clip in the back, etc? I bought the Jon Renau piece after reading one of your posts and it’s been a wonderful way to deal with my hair loss.

    A grateful fan,
    J’s mum :-)

    • Lauren says

      Oh good, I’m glad someone found it not-cringe-worthy. Haha. :) Sure, once I figure out how to do the whole mirror/camera thing (and now you want me to do it showing the back – that’s a whole different skill-set!) I can do that.

  2. Britney says

    I’m so glad I found you recently! As a girl who has recently been diagnosed with pcos and very self conscious about my thinning hair, and also feeling like I’m the only one struggling with this, it’s so nice to be able to read your posts and not feel alone in this! I have really been considering investing in a topper and loved your video! It was so helpful! Thanks for posting and continuing to post excellent, helpful information! :)

  3. Az says

    Good job, that was very helpful thankyou. I have a ROP topper ( my first foray into toppers when I saw how good yours looked)
    Luckly matches my bio hair very well as even though I line it up with my hairline my hailrline on the sides of my forehead is low so about an inch of my bio hair shows on the sides but it blends so well you cant tell

    I like how the your topper has a really large cap area ( even bigger than ROP long hair mono) I might have to go go shopping again lol
    One thing I do find though is after wearing it all day the clips can make my scalp feel a bit tender on that areas – do you have any tips for that?
    Lastly you have a really nice voice, does that sound wierd haha

    • Lauren says

      Ha, my high school speech team coach would love your comment!

      I don’t get alot of pain from the clips, but then again, I’m used to it. When the base is smaller (as with the ROP), the clips do hit in a place with worse loss, so it’s more sensitive. The clips on the one in the video (Noriko Milan) hit where the hair is stronger so it feels more comfortable.

  4. Jacobsmun says

    Thanks for considering my request — no pressure though, take your time. I really find your posts encouraging and inspiring. I just really appreciate your willingness to share your journey with us!

  5. Kat says

    Hi Lauren,

    thanks for posting this video. It will help a lot of women with hair loss like me.

    I have just one question: Did you pull any hairs or does the parting come that natural looking?

    Thank you

  6. Lilla says

    Hi Lauren,

    Thank you for sharing the video. I appreciate all your tips. I have also been eyeing the Joan Rivers hair powder for a while now.

    I have a question a little off topic. Along with my hair shedding, I have scalp soreness or tenderness, did you ever experience that?

    Thank you!

    • Lauren says

      I haven’t, but I’ve heard of women who have this. Let me poke around a bit and get back to you as I think I can find out some info.

      • Lilla says

        Thank you Lauren. I have been researching it for a while. Haven’t come up with anything conclusive. If you see something, let me know.

  7. Gina says

    Thanks so much for this. Purchasing a wig/topper is so overwhelming. Between the cost, color, length, strict return policies, I am a bit lost. I was looking at Paris by Noriko which is the shorter version of the Milan so thanks again for your tips. I love the Joan Rivers powder too.

    • Lauren says

      I know, it definitely can be overwhelming. I definitely stick with places like that have a fairly liberal return policy with a flat $15 restocking fee.

  8. K says

    I found your site after researching women’s hair loss and feeling completely depressed about my own hair struggles. I just have to say its so comforting to know there are other women out there dealing with the same thing. Thank you so much for your positive outlook and for sharing your experiences!

  9. Wren says

    I loved your video, very inspiring.
    I think I read somewhere in the comments that your toppers only last 4-5 months??
    Really? Do you wash and style them yourself? Are all your toppers synthetic?
    I bought a human hair easipart topper and I had a custom topper made with real hair (that was ridiculously overpriced) and I still feel un-natural looking.

    One annoying person at my work place keeps scrutinizing my hair and asking what I’ve done to it. (I feel like yelling in his face – what an asshole). I feel super self conscious around work people who kind of know me. But I can’t avoid them.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with leaving the house each day, maybe I’m not putting it on right, or maybe I need to get bangs to hide the front join…..the stupid toppers were so expensive I am too scared to cut bangs in.

    • Lauren says

      The one I am wearing in the video is going on 4+ months and is still going strong. Some of my others ones lasted only 2-3 months. I do wash and style them myself – but yes, they ARE synthetic hair, so I don’t expect them to last nearly as long as a quality human hair piece should.

      Which one are you currently wearing? Feel free to send me any pics! That guy at work sounds like a jerk. I would have no issue pulling him aside and putting him on the spot about it. Only because I’d hate to “fear” going to work each day, anticipating some weird-ass comment.

      When did you stop wearing your topper(s)?

      • Wren says

        I just started wearing them actually. I am kind of on the verge of still being able to hide it – on a fresh wash day if I pouf it up and comb it over enough, use a little scalp shading. I rocked the Womb over for a while. (woman comb over). But now I think I need to transition to the postiche/topper before it gets really obvious. The 2 pieces I have though just don’t seem to blend all that well. It’s really disappointing considering the money I spent.
        Do you have to get your toppers cut in, or do they kind of come ready to wear out of the box?

        • Lauren says

          Nothing wrong with the Womb over! :)

          Did you get yours cut in? At least the expensive one? No, my synthetic ones are not cut it. I don’t have a stylist right now, so I need to have them close-to-perfect out of the box. That’s the nice thing about synthetic, an instant style. Have you ever tried synthetic?

          • Wren says

            So I got the expensive one cut in, they dyed it to match my hair (which now doesn’t match anymore since I had to do my hair for roots etc) and cut it in. It is ok, but I think I have to go back, because they thinned it out to try get the right % of hair, so it doesn’t look like TOO much extra hair. But in doing that thinning thing, now there are little short spikey hairs that kind don’t allow the long hair to sit flat. It just doesn’t look quite right. It would pass the walking down the street test, but not my work place test. I am seriously considering the synthetic one. I kind of suspect that it will look like too much hair on my head, as I thought your piece was pretty full – although I hear you can pluck hairs out to thin it…options!
            I have long hair similar to yours. I agree its not easy to find a stylist – I don’t really have one either, but the vendor I bought the custom postiche from will also style once you buy their stuff.
            I love the idea of the piece working right out of the box.
            The other easiPart topper, I have trimmed a little around the face myself. I’ll try take a pic sometime for you, (I’m not very photogenic – I usually avoid)

  10. chris says

    Thank you for sharing! I recently got a topper inmy city… Human hair…colour, length and twxture match perfect. Im afraid to wear it everyday and lose what little i do have. I noticed you have tried sevetal different makes…noriko. Etc. Which has been mpst comfy to wear day to day? I love the lpok of the graduated color of the milan (dark roots) and higj and low lights look natural and its aclittle longer than my human hair one. Do you eever use tape? Thanks again. You look beautiful

    • Lauren says

      No, I haven’t tried taping but I know a few women who do. Some do it over their bio hair and others have shaved their bio hair at the front.

      For me, the larger bases are more comfortable for me since my hair is so fragile right at the top, so the Noriko Milan has been the most comfortable.

      And just a note – yes, the highlights and color are nice on it, but I did the roots myself. Some colors do come with roots, but I wanted to point that out in case you wanted to order the same color. :)

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