Check Out My New Look! (Jon Renau Synthetic Topper)

I’ve been thinking of switching to a Jon Renau synthetic topper for awhile, even though I love my Amore Long Topper #752 dearly. My main reason for exploring another brand is pretty simple: Jon Renau makes a bunch of realistic wigs that come in a color I am interested in. If my hair loss continues to progress, I want the option to switch to a wig in the same color. Amore has wigs, of course, however there aren’t many styles available in the color I usually wear. Jon Renau, on the other hand, makes a ton of wigs in my color.

I’m sure you recall the first time I put on what I fondly call my “mystery topper“–apparently, I got sent a piece of old inventory (who knows WHY this was ever made like THAT!). Kathy, at Gallery of Wigs promptly got to the bottom of the issue and had a new topper sent out to me.

I’m pretty sure the first time I saw this synthetic topper in the box, I was in love. And then, when I clipped her onto my head…ahh, pure bliss.

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper with Mono Top Review

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Front Hair Additions Mono Top

This Jon Renau synthetic topper is color 8H14 (from their “Hair Additions” line). This means that the base color is an 8 (same base as my Amore topper), but it’s highlighted at 20% with 14. If you check out the colors, you’ll see they have very realistic colors with plenty of highlights.

The base of the Jon Renau topper is a bit larger than the Amore, also, measuring 6.5″ by 5.75″. One thing I really like about this topper is the silicone that comes on the clips. The grip is great for fragile hair as the clips won’t slip as much throughout the day. It tends to pull less on the hair and be a bit more comfortable, all around.

Base shot:

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Base

See the rubber on the clip?

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Clip

Another thing I like about this topper is the mono (monodirectional) top. Having a mono top means that I can part the hair any way I want, and there will always be “scalp” showing. The scalp is a little more realistic than the Amore (although, if you don’t have them both to compare you’ll never know the difference), and I’m not sure why. The Amore scalp looks like “mesh-y”…that’s the best way for me to describe it.

Jon Renau Synthetic Topper Natural Part

The hair fiber feels very nice and silky. Of course, all hair feels like that at first, so time will tell if it starts to feel dry after awhile. The hair is also longer than the Amore…this hair is 17″ in the back. Before I start wearing this full-time I’m going to have to trim it as it’s about two inches longer than my bio hair. As I don’t have a salon yet, I’m likely going to trim it myself (yikes). I feel confident I can cut in a straight line, however, I don’t want the ends to look blunt so it’s definitely going to be a bit of an experiment.

I actually love the clips on this Jon Renau topper so much that I’m considering ordering extra clips. I’d like to sew in a clip on the front-center, as well as one on either side. I figure I can wear the clips as intended for a few days, and then switch to the ones that I’ve sewed in for a few days, then repeat. Hopefully, this will minimize any damage to the hair from being pulled on. I don’t expect this to happen so much with these awesome grippy clips, though!

So…I think this is going to be my new look! I can’t stress enough how much I love the highlights on this piece as it helps it to look so real! Also, I don’t need to use any of my bio hair with this one, for whatever reason. That’s a good thing, as the face framing pieces have the highlights so it might look funny with 20 or so darker strands peeking out.

What do you think?

Jon Renau Hair Additions Synthetic Mono Top


  1. Kim says

    Love it! It looks awesome and the highlights are gorgeous. Was this one expensive? So do you touch up your hair style much during the day? I mean comb it out, etc? And looks like you tuck behind your ear, I do that as well. Hoping that now with a topper my hair won’t look so pulled down and boring when I tuck- because otherwise my face just looks huge because there’s no fullness to my natural hair when I tuck it behind my ear. If that makes sense…

    Anyways love this one on you- great choice! I do like your hair a bit darker, and these highlights will be great for Spring and Summer!

    • Lauren says

      Not expensive, about $150. Cheaper than a highlight-job at the salon! I don’t even touch up my hair at work…I might rake my fingers (carefully) through it but I don’t brush it or anything. And yep, I’ve always done the tuck – I should probably learn not to. I only started that many moons ago because my hair would droop into my eyes. It’s always been pretty lifeless, but when I started to lose some on top (before I realized I was actually losing), it created a sort of separation that dipped my hair forward. If only I knew…!

  2. Marsha says

    I think it looks amazing. The highlights are just beautiful and it look so real. No one will ever be able to tell that it is not all you. Every time I see someone having such success with their helper hair it makes me smile and feel more confident that when the day comes I will be able to find something I love as well. Thank you so much for this blog.

    • Lauren says

      I can’t see your cart, argh! I linked to the topper in the post, it’s this one. I’ll try to get some pics tonight, if not, tomorrow, and email them to you. I’ll also include them in an upcoming post in case anyone else is interested.

  3. Clare says

    Wow, your new hair looks stunning & so realistic! I was searching for pictures of Noriko Milan & I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. I’m new to toppers & your blog is so helpful. Of all the toppers you’ve had which would you say is your favorite & also the most natural looking? They all look fantastic in your pics! I’m in England & I’m not sure we can get Jon Renau hair over here, though I’m sure I could order from USA. I’m trying to find a topper which is fairly low density – would you be able to tell me which of the ones you’ve tried is best in this regard, from the pics it looks like it would probably been the Jon Renau, followed by Amore with the Noriko having the most hair? Thanks for any advice and for your great blog! Clare x

    • Lauren says

      I haven’t owned too many (I am pretty new to this, too), but I’m really loving the Jon Renau so far, due to the highlights. I haven’t officially started wearing her yet as I need to trim off an inch or two…that is this weekend’s project, maybe…but I think it looks really real! The Amore is realistic too, don’t get me wrong, but the highlights really send the JR over the edge, I think. In terms of density, I’d say the JR and the Amore are almost identical; the Milan is much more hair. The lowest density piece out there is the EasiPart by Jon Renau, but it doesn’t offer much coverage. If your loss is just around the part area, that could be a good choice. If yours is more diffuse, like mine, a slightly larger base size like the JR or the Amore offers more coverage. :)

      • Julie says

        Hi Lauren,
        What about the Easipart XL? I’m debating between that one and this one. I have a HH topper from a medical wig salon/shop but I’d like a synthetic as a back up. Your blog has been extremely helpful to me & I feel uplifted to know I’m not the only one on this journey. My loss is diffuse like yours btw. My aunt & cousin have Alopecia. My cousin’s hair came back but my aunt has had no hair for 20 years. She says she misses her eyelashes most. I am so grateful for your blog & the options we have. I initially bought a wig but the hair topper is miles above it- so much more natural & comfortable. Thank you for sharing all that you have here! Your an inspiration to so many.

        • Lauren says

          Ooh, yes, losing your eyelashes would be hard!

          I’ve only tried the EasiPart, um, non-XL, and it was ages ago. If you have a normal amount of hair at the temple area, the EasiPart XL could be a good option due to its contouring. Places like allow exchanges, too, so you can try one and send it back if it doesn’t work.

  4. Lilla says

    I so enjoy reading your blog, you are such an inspiration. I love the new topper…looks so realistic.

    Thank you for helping others.

  5. Darlene says

    Lauren, I love both pieces, the JR and the Amore. I know the base is a bit bigger for JR, but is it that big of a difference? Also, how come you dont need to pull any bio hair in front? I think the Amore is probably the perfect size for me, but I am really loving the colors of JR. I have really dark hair and I think that with having highlights makes it look more real. Do you leave your bio hair down with these pieces or are you able to wear them by themselves. I looked at both pieces on the Gallery of Wigs website, and both pieces look really different from the pictures that they show. The Amore pic and desc says it covers the crown to fringe, but the JR says its just a crown filler and from the pic doesnt look like it would cover the front. However in your pics they look the same. Any info is greaty appreciated.

    • Lauren says

      I don’t notice any difference between the two pieces when it comes to the base size. As you said, they are really similar. I’m not sure if it’s the way the hair lays on the JR, but I don’t need to use my bio hair at all. I really don’t need to with my Amore, either, but I like to with that piece. I think because it doesn’t have any highlights (they are there but they are extremely blended) having a little piece that you can physically see coming from my head helps with the realism. With the JR, because it has obvious highlights, I don’t feel the need to prove it’s my bio hair, if that makes sense. Eh, the stock pics on both are circa 1992, I think. I would never have tried the JR, in particular, had I not seen it on someone else, first (since the pic was so horrible!).

      I will say that I know one person that ordered the JR after I did and she got the weird/curly/permatease version, after Kathy was told that JR took those out of inventory. So…I hope they *are* really gone, but I guess you never know. Kathy will certainly make it right, if not, but just an FYI that it could still happen, unfortunately. :(

    • Lauren says

      I know she will cut pieces that you buys from her, so I’d imagine she would…but I’m not sure. If you ask and get an answer, can you let me know? :)

  6. Darlene says

    Sure can! I am still undecided, I want both!!! I will just have to get one at a time. I think I might put in an order by the end of March, and I will let you know about the clips. Thanks for all your help.

  7. Amy C says

    Hi! I was wondering, is this the Easipart HD or another one by John Renau? If not have you heard anything about them? I was thinking about ordering the Easipart HD Senthetic. I am really leaning towards the EasiFringe since most my hair loss is towards front which makes it hard to clip in hair piece just behind hairline as w/ Easifringe it has Side Swept bangs so it is meant for frontal hair loss. They are both by John Renau. Thanks again for sharing your story and all the info on here :)

    • Lauren says

      This is the Hair Additions long topper (I linked to it within the post) so not the Easi products. Easipart is a good solution for those with minimal loss as the base is very small. I’ve heard from some people that there isn’t enough hair to fully conceal the rim on it, however. It just depends on much bio hair you have to play around with and help conceal it. I don’t have any experience with the EasiFringe, unfortunately. If you try it, you will have to let me know what you think!

  8. Amy C says

    Thx! Yeah I ordered the Noriko Milan but it was too much hair for me so I was afraid it would look too wiggish on me. I ordered EasiFringe as an exchange and should be in by early next week and I will let you know. I got the EasiFringe instead of Easipart cuz it was more Frontal hair rather than trying to blend in w/ part so am hoping it would hide my loss towards front. My hair loss looks similar to yours in pics. I will update you on results of Easifringe when it comes in :)

  9. cherry says

    Hi… A big thanks to yu for .his blog..I want to purchase a topper from a while but so confused to chooseone.first i thought of having milan by noriko, but after seeing your this post.. I guess this one would work better for me.. please email me some more pic with JOn Renau , so i can make my final decision on this JR piece. It would be a great help for me. Thanx.

  10. Kari says

    how do you go about picking a color! The pictures are so small…I have highlights already in my hair, but I have no idea of my base color. Can I call the company-will they be able to help? I think I keep getting cold feet, because the questions keep coming. :) ha!

    • Lauren says

      All manufacturers have color rings you can buy, which can help. Or, you bit the bullet and try to find one that matches best. I do alot of Google searching for colors/manufacturers. Also, sites like are an excellent source for user photos.

    • Lauren says

      I plan to do a post on this soon. For your average synthetic wig, expect it to last about 4 months. Some of the “higher-end” synthetic wigs in the $300-$400 price point can last a bit longer, from what I hear. For products, make sure to use a wig shampoo with no sulfates, or, you can even use some laundry detergent. You just fill the basin with cool water, add some shampoo/detergent, and swish your wig around gently. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly, then repeat with condition. Then hang upside down to dry or let it dry on a towel. :)

      • Cassie says

        Hi Lauren,

        I am new here and I have been finding your blog really useful. I only recently discovered toppers even though I have had andro dependant aplopeacia for over 15 years now (and PCOS for that matter).

        I just wondered, what would you say the life of a real human hair topper is? My hair dresser is potentially ordering a JR human hair one for me and its quite pricey so would be great to know.

        Do you prefer synthetic to real or vice versa? I have very fine hair so would worry that synthetic would look too different…

        Thank you!!

        Cassie :-)

        • Lauren says

          I would think a decent HH piece should last about a year if it’s cared for correctly – some of the “premium” brands should last even longer. I’d be interested to hear your experiences with the JR HH if you do get it! One of my readers just ordered one, too.

          Right now, I prefer synthetic. I don’t find it looks too much different than my own hair–it just looks like normal hair!–plus I love that I don’t have to style it. I guess, after years of just trying to get my hair to look decent, it’s nice to have hair that looks “good” with no effort. :)

  11. K says

    I have alopecia areata and have suffered with it for years, with patches in various locations leaving hair loss of approx 25% of my hair. However, it is only now that I have it on the top of my head that I have turned to helper hair, as you so nicely put it. I’m in the uk so I get it on the NHS. They wanted me to have a full wig but after reading your pages here I felt that I needed a topper really. After the great info you gave I got an amore topper in marble brown and wore it to a meeting with work today. I return from maternity leave this week after a year away. A couple of people asked about my lovely hair – it looks obvious in that it looks a lot better than my hair normally does – and I confessed. I wondered if you still get away with it or whether you confess too? Also I am finding the clips a bit tense. What do you suggest? How do you store yours between wears? Many thanks for all the info x

    • Lauren says

      I’ve never old a soul! Well, only one, one of my very good friends. No one else at work knows, and I’m actually pretty close with many of them. My parents don’t even know. :) The clips take some getting used to – my head was a bit sore for a week or two until I got used to them. You might consider spraying a bit of hairspray where the clips go; this will give your hair some grip so that they don’t slip and tug.

      I store them in any old place…actually, I’ll have to post a pic soon of how I store my go-to piece every night. Since they are synthetic, I don’t worry about them. :) You could just lay it wherever and it would be fine!

      How does it make you feel?

  12. DeeDee says

    Hi Lauren,

    Thank you so much! I love reading your blog and it makes me feel better that I am not alone in my hair loss struggles.

    After many months of debate and YEARS of dealing with hair loss, I finally purchased my first topper. I decided on the EasiPart HD. Which I *think* will work for me, I am curious if you have ever experienced your toppers just not laying right or the cap/clips showing through? Keep in mind, I just got mine today and I’m sure it’s going to take some time getting it to work right. But I feel as though I want to wash and style in to make it go the way I want! I’m also contemplating bangs. Have you ever had your toppers cut? Will washing it help out with its ‘out of the box’ wonkiness? And what about the shine? How can I get that to dim down a bit? I mean, come on….no humans hair is *that* shiny! It would be nice if it were, but I’m just trying to gain some confidence here, not set the world on fire!

    Thank you for any advice you can give me. And I apologize if you’ve already covered these issues. I’ve been peeking in on you for awhile now, but I haven’t had time to read everything yet.

    • Lauren says

      Hi DeeDee!

      Congrats on your new topper! I know lots of people that started with the EasiPart. They definitely will take some getting used to and fiddling with until they feel like your own. With the EasiPart, I’ve heard that it actually lays better if you but the single clip up front and let the two clips go toward the back, so, wear it backwards. That helps to hide the rim the best. That piece is too narrow for my diffuse loss, so I don’t have much experience with it. A wash will definitely help both the way it lays and the shine. Dry shampoo cam help as well for shine. I also really like the Jon Renau Wig Wand to help bring down the shine. :)

      I trimmed up the piece that Jon Renau piece, but I’ve never had any of my synthetics cut in. Heck, I don’t even have a salon anymore! I’ve seen so many before/after shots of people who have had them cut in and that is the absolute best way to go to get them to blend perfectly.

  13. Chey says

    Hi Lauren!

    Wow I love your blog! I bough my first topper from Jon renau yesterday and I also got the synthetic mono top in colour 4. I was so happy to find something to finally make me feel like a woman again!! I also told my partner for the first time last night about my hair loss although he is an intelligent man and knew all along I was happy to just have his support and love and he said it looked beautiful! I like how I can still put my hair up with this piece and how natural it can look. I’ve thought about tweezing a few more hairs along my “natural” part… Will see. Thee only only worry for me is the high shine… I have never heard about the wig wand u mention? What does it do? Is it expensive? My next step is to save for a human piece in the same style !!!! Thank you for making me feel like I am not alone!!

    • Lauren says

      I’m so glad your first topper is working out! The Wig Wand is also by Jon Renau – it’s less than $15 if I recall and works really well. It deposits a very fine layer of powder to help tone done the shine. Also – soaking it overnight in cold water (it’s ok if it warms to room temperature) will likely take care of most of the artificial shine, too.

  14. Christi says

    Hi Lauren- I am SO happy I came across your blog. I realize this is an old post, so I’m sorry to barge in on you here, but I wanted to literally internet hug you, because this makes me feel less alone. I was diagnosed with PCOS five years ago and had trouble with hair loss since I was 20. I’m now 30, going on 31, and mommy of one (with one on the way!) and I’m PETRIFIED of the postpartum hair dump this time around. My hair is literally non-existent on top (almost) except for when I’m pregnant. I’ve been considering chopping my hair but I have such a round, full face that I’m afraid of doing it. I’ve tried toppers before (although not from the company you list here) and they literally did not hold because I have almost nothing for the clips to grab onto in the front, so they would constantly slide backwards. Have you found success with these rubberized clips? Do they pull a ton on the hair? My hair is soooo fine and fragile I’m just not sure I want to spend the money on another topper to be disappointed. :(

    Hope you don’t mind while I poke around your blog some more. I feel hopeful for the first time in about six months that maybe I can actually do something about the hair loss I’m experiencing. Thank you!!

    • Lauren says

      Internet hugs, abound! :) It’s only a slightly older post, and I still check comments. I found the rubberized clips to pull less, yes – but you’d probably have the most success by sewing in some extra clips around the perimeter to help spread the tension. If you try another topper, get one that has a decent return policy, that way you can give it a whirl and get a feel for the clips before you commit.

  15. Danielle says

    Hi! I was just wondering if you can recommend a good human hair topper? I’ve been doing a lot of research & I’ve found a lot of information about synthetic toppers but not human hair. I want human hair because I like to go between curly and straight and most synthetics don’t allow for that. If you have any information or can direct me to someone I would appreciate it so much! Great site by the way, it’s very helpful!

  16. Carmen says

    I am worried that the base of toppers will not be wide enough on top. I think I need one that is wider than 6.5×5.75? I know there are some out there however I do not want one that has too much hair on top that looks wiggy! Do you know of any?

    • Lauren says

      You might try either Milan (but I know you want some wave) or Estetica Mono Wiglet 413 (also straight, though). I sent you two others that have wave bit not sure the base dimensions!

  17. Claire says

    I love your blog! My hair has been thinning for a few years now, it’s manageable on a day to day basis as I wear it up…. But I’m thinking of a topper for nights out so I can feel a but glam.on occasions…. I know the clips can cause baldness, but do you think that would be the case with occasional wear? Also, does the Jr sit on or just behind your hair line?

    Thanks in advance, I’ve been reading your blog for a while….your attitude,honesty and approach is truly commendable xx

          • Claire says

            I love it…. Tried it on around the house (kids didn’t seem to notice it)…. And last night wore her to a wedding reception night as thought it would be a good opportunity as I people may think I’ve just had my hair ‘done’ for the occasion…it felt really comfortable, didn’t pull and I loved having swishy hair. No one seemed to notice (I actually got complimented on how nice my hair looked….definitely a success, I’m really happy as now i feel,should I get a major shed again,I’ll have a tool to help me feel ok

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