Pregnitude Success Story, Even with PCOS!

In February of this year, I started on Pregnitude; I know I wanted to be a Pregnitude success story, but before buying it I did some quick research. It seemed to be a supplement that could really help with PCOS. I started it a few days into my cycle in hopes that, if anything, it would help my cycles to regulate to help prepare my body during the trying to conceive process (and, of course, I wouldn’t mind being one of the countless Pregnitude success stories!). I dutifully took it morning and night mixed into my spearmint tea — it’s completely tasteless, so unlike other supplements it wasn’t a chore to take. If I could be a Pregnitude success story without a disgusting taste in my mouth, all the better.

get pregnant fast

I am a late ovulator to being with (thank you, PCOS) on even my best cycles; I can’t remember a time where I ovulated before day 20. My previous cycle, that’s exactly what I did, so I was hoping to keep it around day 20 with the help of Pregnitude. If you read my last update on Pregnitude, you know by now that I ended up ovulating on day 21.

(Want to know how to track my ovulation? Check out my ovulation tracking post!)

You all know I believe that the absolute best OPKs out there are the super-cheap Wondfo ones, so I ordered not too long ago the Wondfo combination of 50 ovulation AND 20 pregnancy tests. Guess the price? An insane $22. I love Amazon. And I loved being able to use the tests willy-nilly.

The Testing Begins. Fingers Crossed for a Pregnitude Success Story

I decided to try testing about 7dpo (days past ovulation). I tested at night (dumb, I know) and got a negative…this was WAY too early to discover if I was a Pregnitude success story, and I kicked myself for doing it. The next morning at 8dpo, I tested again, thinking it would also be too early:

Pregnitude Success StoryPregnancy Test, 8dpo, Wondfo Test Strip


My heart dropped as I could’ve sworn I saw a very faint line. I had two extra First Response Early Response (FRER) tests so I took one of those, too:

Pregnitude Success StoriesPregnancy Test, 8dpo, FRER


This one was harder to tell. I would’ve thought it would’ve been clearer since FRER is supposedly the leader in early tests. What I should’ve done that day was invert the photo, which would’ve looked like this:

Pregnitude Success StoryPregnancy Test, 8dpo, FRER, Inverted


See it? Holy crap. Just in case you’re not convinced, here’s another positive FRER at 10dpo:

Pregnitude Success StoriesPregnancy Test, FRER, 10dpo


So, does this count as one of the many Pregnitude success stories? I don’t know. I was fully expecting conceiving to take several months, at least…especially considering how wacky PCOS has made my cycles, but maybe, just maybe with the help of Pregnitude I was able to get pregnant much more quickly than if I had gone it alone. No matter if I am a Pregnitude success story or someone that has just gotten lucky, I’ll take it!

If you’re contemplating starting Pregnitude, I’ll ask you this? What do you have to lose (ok, aside form $35-$40)? If you’re wondering where to buy Pregnitude, I’ve found the best deals for Pregnitude on Amazon and for Pregnitude on

Being a “Pregnitude success story” does have one downfall — the hair. I’ll go into more detail soon about my experience with hair loss during my last pregnancy and about my anxiety with this pregnancy (and after). I can promise you one thing: it’s going to be a roller-coaster!

One final pic. I’m now 14 weeks, but here’s me around 11 weeks:

Pregnitude Success StoryBelly Bump, 11 weeks, 2nd child

Thought I’d come back and give a little update. Well, no words are really needed, are they? Meet my Pregnitude baby!

Prefer to jump back to the past? Read my first post on when I first started up with Pregnitude.

 Pregnitude Reproductive Support Dietary Supplement 60 packets


  1. Kim says

    Lauren! Oh my gosh, I am SO excited and happy for you!! Congratulations! That is so incredible that Pregnitude potentially help you conceive in such a short period of time! And BTW your hair, and you in general look GREAT in that pic! Pretty hair, pretty girl, cute bump, cute dress! Hope you’re feeling well and sending good luck vibes for your hair to cooperate with you throughout the pregnancy!

  2. maribel says

    Thanks for sharing. .. I was contemplating on starting this supplement but wasnt sure. I’ve been ttc for 10 years and I’m ready to take drastic measures. I’m sure this won’t hurt, I’m hoping it helps. Congratulations and thanks

  3. Brandy says

    I stumbled upon your blog when I googled Pregnitude. My doctor just gave me samples in hopes this will work and we won’t have to go the more complicated route (surgery…) You have given me hope, so thank you so much!

    • Lauren says

      Ooh, exciting! How much did s/he give you? Some people report it taking a few months to really kick in, so don’t be discouraged if nothing happens the first month. Best of luck!!

      • Brandy says

        She gave me a few days worth so I could get started and not wait for it to come in the mail. I’m trying to be hopeful!

          • Brandy says

            Update: One month of Pregnitude and I got a faint positive today. I’m always so skeptical it’s gonna be a false positive so I did 3 different brands… All positive!

          • Nikole says

            Congrats brandy ! Hoping this month will be my month of great news too:-) this will be my second round of pregnitude .. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers :-)

      • Sandra says

        My doctor just started me on pregnitude yesterday. I was on the depo for almost 7 years. we are trying to conceive but nothing the last 2 months. Hope we are as lucky as you guys. best wishes to all.

        • Lauren says

          Good luck! I don’t know if I posted it anywhere yet, but I was on Depo for 7 years as well. Have you gotten your period yet since going off it? That’s often the biggest hurdle!

  4. Susan says

    Finishing my first month on pregnitude. I’m like you and a late ovulate-er with crazy cycles. My fingers are crossed. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  5. Nikole says

    Hi Lauren .. Love your success story on pregnitude gave me soo much hope! I just started pregnitude this month hope it works for me as it did for you .. Congrats!

  6. Noni says

    Like others, I just stumbled on your website while researching Pregnitude. I didn’t realize I’d discover I have a lot in common with you, most especially the hair loss. I look forward to exploring your site more, but in the meantime, congratulations on the good news. I just started Pregnitude on Tuesday after my doctor recommended it. It’s nice to see that there have been plenty of success stories. :)

  7. Nikole says

    Hi Lauren !
    Just an update . So I didn’t end up pregnant this month while on pregnitude and it also made my period late 3 days . I thinking of staying on pregnitude but I’m not sure yet :-/

    • Lauren says

      Oh, then I bet those three days were agony with you wondering, huh?! I have heard it can take a few months to help even things out but of course no one wants to wait that long (me included). Are your cycles typically regular? Also, did you notice anything with your ovulation (if you were tracking) — *if* you typically have a too-short luteal phase and it lengthened that portion of your cycle, that could be a good thing!

      • Nikole says

        My cycles are all over the place sometimes it can stay regular then it goes back to being irregular . Also I didn’t track my ovulation so I’m not sure about that …But my doctor requested me to try pregnitude for two months if that doesn’t work she is going to start me on clomid . I’m hoping it will work next month.. Keep positive

        • Lauren says

          Fingers crossed! Have you ever tried tracking your ovulation? It’s really easy if it’s something you want to do.

          • Lauren says

            Oh boy, that’s a loaded question. I think you’ve inspired a blog post, so stay tuned. :) There are a couple different ways you can do it. The most common way is to track your waking temperature around the same time each day. For me, I hover around 97.7 pre-ovulation, then post-ovulation I jump up to around 98.3. Any thermometer will work, but they sell thermometers especially for this (BD makes one, which is the brand I used, I got it from Amazon) that tracks down to the tenth degree. Typically, if you’ve noticed a shift and it stays elevated for 3 days+, you’ve ovulated. This method only tells you AFTER you’ve ovulated, however.

            In a few of my other posts, including this one, I speak to the OPKs I use (ovulation predictor kit). These are pretty cheap, too…for a three month supply it’s less than $20. The “typical” women ovulates around days 14 or so with a normal 28-day cycle. Starting around day 10 until you confirm ovulation, you pee on one of these (or dip it into your pee in a clean cup) every day and watch the lines. They are somewhat similar to a pregnancy test — there will always be a control line to compare your line to. I usually have *some* sort of test line throughout the month, but as ovulation approaches my test lines get darker. When the line is AS DARK AS or DARKER than the control, that means ovulation is impending, and you should start baby dancing right away (ovulation is coming within 24-48 hours). So, this method will alert you that ovulation is coming before it passes.

            I hope it doesn’t sound complicated reading through this; I promise it’s not. I used both of these methods together to pinpoint my cycles. You can track all this info into an app such as Fertility Friend, and it will spit out charts for you to show you when you’ve ovulated based on the date you’ve put it. Those outputs are really great, too, to show your doc.

            Hope this helps!

  8. April says

    Hi. My doctor just recommended pregnitude for me too. I am on Metformin because of my PCOS. I went to pregnitudes website and it is pretty vague. Metformin is supposed to regulate your cycle and help with ovulation too so I don’t know why Im taking both. Were you on Metformin? And how long did you take pregnitude before you got your positive test? Congratulations by the way! April

    • Lauren says

      From what I’ve seen, experiences with Metformin/Pregnitude vary when it comes to docs. Some want you to try it before Metformin, some will have you stop Metformin and replace it with Pregnitude (maybe because it’s “more natural?”) and some will put you on it concurrently. I think most think, if anything, it doesn’t hurt. I haven’t looked it up, but I think that while Metformin helps you to ovulate much like Pregnitude can, Pregnitude can also help to lengthen your luteal phase giving you a better shot at a sticky pregnancy (definitely do some research but that is my understanding) — I’m not sure if Met does the same.

      I was not on anything but fully expected needing to be at some point due to my wacky cycles. I was probably one of the more rarer cases but I got pregnant my first month on it, so I was only on it for a couple of weeks. Brandy commented below that she also got pregnant after only one month; obviously it will take lots of women longer.

  9. Lenaniki says

    I just found your blog and this is awesome!! I am researching Pregnitude and I may try this month. My concern is should I try Pregnitude if my cycles are “regular”?I lost a considerable amount of weight and now have 27-28 day cycles with ovulation on day 14 with a 13-14 day luteal phase. I had a very hard time getting pregnant the first time it took 2 years and clomid use but I also was 100 lbs heavier with very irregular periods at that time and short LPs less than 9 days.
    I’m thinking that the Pregnitude may help improve the quality of the eggs I release as well as my progesterone.
    I guess I don’t expect you to know the answer to my question but it helps to type/talk this out so thanks!!!!!
    And, congratulations and a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy!!

    • Lauren says

      I am certainly no doctor, but it CAN improve egg quality. It sounds like you are well on your way to getting your body back on track, which is great! Are you tracking your ovulation each month? I’m guessing yes since you seem to have a good handle on when you are ovulating and what your LP is. It’s definitely worth a try. If you are working with a Repro Endo s/he may test your FSH — typically a high FSH may indicate poor egg quality, however, they can’t tell if it’s the actual quality of the egg that is poor, or if the number of eggs has diminished. My friend is going through that right now. How long have you been trying this time?

      • Lenaniki says

        This was cycle 4 for us this time around. AF showed up this morning :-( so, I am going to take the month of August “off”. I just placed an order for Pregnitude this morning so hopefully it will come in the next 2 business days according to the Walgreen’s site. I also ordered a bottle of Royal jelly so I plan to take both for one month and then “try” again in September.

        • Lauren says

          Sometimes taking a break is all that it takes! And by taking off the pressure, you never know what may happen. 😉

  10. Joyce says

    Hi Lauren,

    First off congratulations! This must be so exciting for you :) God bless you both!

    Secondly, you are giving me the hope I have been looking for. After trying for over a year and a half, I had been looking for help. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 21, and now that I’m 32, it’s been a real struggle on all levels (physical and mental). I did not want to get on a fertility drug that was going to make me emotionally and physically unwell.

    About two weeks ago, I was on another site tracking my ovulation with a calculator and saw the ad for Pregnitude. After doing my research I bought it and started my first two packets today. I also started prenatal vitamins to get the body right. I’m so excited, but weary at the same time. Those negative pregnancy tests when I have been late were heart breaking for me and my hubby. But you have given me hope. I know it may not happen right away, but I will try this out for the next 3-6 months to see what happens.

    I will keep you posted…good luck everyone! :)

    • Lauren says

      That is so great, Joyce! Do keep us posted! I’m glad you are willing to give it some time to see if it works for you. What have you noticed when tracking your ovulation? For me, I didn’t ovulate regularly. For others with PCOS, they notice that their luteal phase isn’t long enough. It seems like you are on the right track with everything — good luck!

      • Joyce says

        Hi Lauren,

        Sorry for taking so long to respond. Has been a crazy past few months. I noticed when I was tracking my ovulation that it was later in the month than I usually felt/thought. Honestly, I haven’t been doing too much tracking of my ovulation as much as watching my own body and symptoms more closely.

        I am on month two of Pregnitude. After just a couple of weeks using it, my period started. I was in shock because it was on day 30 of my cycle. That is a HUGE first for me. Usually I get my “visit” on days 39-45, so this was a shocker, but a good one. I’m taking the pregnitude faithfully and will hopefully have good news sooner rather than later.

        • Lauren says

          That’s great about your period coming on day 30! I hope the trend keeps up and we’ll have another Pregnitude success story soon!!

  11. Jamie says

    So my husband and I were TTC for 5 years. I went through 3 different OB/GYN docs and this last one is the one that decided to give me samples. I had 2 days worth and that was it. I have a history of PCOS and endometriosis. I took it like it says and low and behold last night I test and got 8 positives on 4 different brands and go to the doc tomorrow for lab work. I am beyond cloud 9. Thank you pregnitude.

    • Lauren says

      Wow, that’s amazing! Two doses is nothing — maybe your body pulled it off on its own, after all? Either way, I know you’ll take it! So, did you have 8 tests laying around or did you go crazy buying them last night? :) Sticky baby dust to you!

  12. Judith says

    Amazing!!! God has definitely blessed you (with a little help from Pregnitude hehe) I started mine TODAY!! Praying for the best <3 xo

  13. Faith says

    I was so excited to read your blog. I was diagnosed with PCOS three months ago. I started on clomid and did not get pregnant the first round. We skipped July because the timing was not good for us. So I’ve completed the second round a couple weeks ago and just recently ovulated. So now we will play the waiting game but if I don’t get pregnant this month I will talk to my doctor about pregnitude. I will be 27 in a few months and my husband and I are ttc for our first, I am willing to try anything that I believe will help us get our baby.

    • Lauren says

      Yeah for TTC! That’s awesome! The two week wait (or thereabouts) is the worst, isn’t it? Let us know how it goes. Sending baby dust.

  14. Riza says

    Thank you Lauren for sharing this! It’s so encouraging to see that others have gone or are going through the same scenarios as I have/am. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years (natural & a series of unsuccessful IUI’s). We’ve been taking a break this year as the disappointments have been too much to bear. The frustrating thing is that everything is ‘normal’ with both my husband & myself, so nothing to ‘point the finger at’. We switched over to eating organic, taking pre-nat vitamins, omegas (with hefty EPA & DHA’s) and I started yoga and accupuncture this year to help me relax my mind while strengthening my body. I shared this w my OB/GYN and he suggested trying ‘natural’ again. He gave me a sample of Pregnitude yesterday. I did some research and ordered a box via Amazon. I found your blog in hopes of finding others who have also used it. Reading it gives me hope. Fingers crossed this time. Thank you! Xoxo

    • Lauren says

      It’s soooo frustrating when doctors can’t get to the bottom of things! It sounds like you are definitely on the right track with all the changes you have made. Good luck with the Pregnitude. I hope it helps you!

  15. Anna says

    Hello! Congratulations on your success! Thank you for sharing this story. I also have PCOS. I recently got married and have fallen off the band wagon in terms of my healthy diet and exercise regimen. After not getting a period on my own for almost a year, I started taking Metformin, exercising and watching what I eat. I went from 132 lbs to 122lbs and have been getting a period for the past several months consistently. It’s been shocking every time it comes. But now that I am starting to eat things I normally never allowed myself to eat this often (dairy, breads, pastas) and have started sleeping in instead of that morning workout I am getting worried that I am self sabotaging myself and my chances of getting pregnant. I also was on Metformin leading up to my wedding bu went off of it for about a month because it tends to make me nauseous sometimes. We have recently decided we want to start trying and so I started taking 1000 mg a day again. I came across a blog that talked about pregntitude and placed an order. It arrived three days after my period ended. Do I have to wait till a new cycle starts or can I start taking it now? I also recently puchased the clear blue fertility monitor. It was expensive and I worry that it was an emotional purchase and not one that would work when you have PCOS. I would appreciate any suggestions thanks so much!!

    • Lauren says

      No way would I wait, I would totally start now. I started Pregnitude on CD6 or 7 or something, so it’s never too late to start! As for the fertility monitor, it can be tricky with PCOS (which is why I went the more manual route when it came to tracking my ovulation). If the metformin is helping you to have regular cycles, then the monitor is fine…if you aren’t on met or if you are still experiencing irregular cycles then the monitor can’t always determine a history that makes sense for you (am *I* making any sense with that?!) to give you any predictability. For me, I found the easiest way was to take a super-cheap OPK almost every day from CD12ish until confirmed ovulation, combined with temping.

      Good luck to you!

  16. Ana says

    Hi, did you take the Pregnitude at the same time every day? I’ve been on it for about two weeks now with no luck with ovulation much less with pregnancy. I do have PCOS as well which is primarily why I’m trying it out…

  17. vang says

    does pregnitude really work?
    me and my husband been trying for 1 year and 1 months and I haven’t got my positive yet:(
    I had feeling it gonna be my husband because when he still date his ex girlfriend they been trying to have a kid for four year but nothing happen?
    so it making me worried that it him and not me.

    • Lauren says

      I’ve had good success with it as have tons of other people. It’s one of those things that you don’t know until you try it!

  18. joanna says

    Congratulations Lauren!
    Hobby and I have been ttc for 8 years. I am just starting to see a specialist but decided to try pregnitude first. Today is my first day :) I am also taking prenatal vitamins and have been for about a month. You ladies have given me so much hope, I am so glad I came across this blog and I really hope I end up being a success story too!

  19. Amanda says

    Hi…just started pregnitude yesterday and I noticed the directions are very vague.So should I eat before or after? If I take it in the morning how long should I wait before drinking my coffee? I’ve seen people say that you cant mix the powder with anything other than water but nothing about taking it on an empty stomach.

    I had a beautiful healthy baby girl 4 years ago and have been TTC for 3 years now. So hopefully pregnitude helps me!

    • Lauren says

      I hope it help you, too! I actually took mine in tea…I haven’t heard that you can’t mix it. Also, I never took it on an empty stomach!

  20. JaCosta says

    I just placed my order today for pregnitude. I am 30 with pcos. I also take 1000mg of met as well as wellbutrin for anxiety/depression. I have beem researching for hours ans have yet to find any insight on my question: Can I continue the wellbutrin once I start the pregnitude?

    • Lauren says

      It doesn’t seem there is anything that Pregnitude would interfere with, so my gut tells me “yes”, however, you might want to check with the prescribing doctor just to be sure. Good luck!

  21. Audrey Greer says

    Hi Lauren I found your blog Googling some questions I have had on Pregnitude. My husband and I have been ttc for 6 cycles now. At the end of my 6th cycle my Dr. Prescribed Pregnitude I was about a week before I should have got my period starting my 7th cycle. I am now 12 days late on my period and have taken multiple pregnancy tests all negative, blood work negative. But I still haven’t started and have never been this late. I have had a few pregnancy symptoms, sore nipples, cramps, food aversions (nothing really sounds good) peeing constantly, mood swing, some nausea etc….. could this be the Pregnitude what? I should have o on or around November 1st. Which is why I started Pregnitude bc I wasn’t o. The Dr wanted to start me on provera and clomid but I ask for an ultrasound just to be sure if by any chance I am pregnant I don’t want to harm my baby. I go in today for ma ultrasound. Hopeful but doubtful as the blood work was negative. Unless the Pregnitude caused me to o late. Dont no if that’s possible.
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Thanks, Audrey!

    • Lauren says

      How are your cycles, typically? Do you usually start your period around 14 days post-ovulation or does it vary. Mine altered my ovulate date somewhat, but it pushed it forward because I usually ovulate late. I guess anything is possible, but I wouldn’t guess (or hope!) that it would push your O back if you usually O within a normal time frame. If you started taking Pregnitude about a week before your period was to start, then you should’ve already ovulated by then…unless I misunderstood.

      How did your ultrasound go??

  22. Audrey Greer says

    Also on your hair loss. My sister in law is Indian and she has naturally thin hair. She used a product called keranique. She said it’s expensive but she said it worked and loved it! Hope it helps.

  23. Katherine says

    Thanks for the blog! This has been a great resource for Pregnitude. I was diagnosed with Pcos in 2005 and am on Glumetza 1000mg daily. My cycles are 40 days + and my husband have been TTC for 5 month. I just started my first cycle of Pregnitude. It sounds like miracle dust. I wondered if you saw any weight loss the first month and how many weeks after you started taking it did you ovulate? I’m so excited to see my results and hopefully get a BFP this month!

    • Lauren says

      Oooh, best of luck! I didn’t notice any weight loss while I was on it, but then again, I wasn’t on it long as I got pregnant right away! :) From the time I started it to the time I ovulated was about 14 days. My cycles, too, were long. I hope you get your BFP soon!!

  24. Samantha says

    Congrats on your little man Lauren!! Been trying to get preg for a year and 3 months now so after seeing my dr he told me about pregnitude and he wanted to try that before putting me on Clomid. So of course I started doing research and found this page. I am really excited and praying this works!! I got it in the mail today and will start taking it in the morning!! I don’t know how many more neg pregnancy test I can take Fingers Crossed!!

    • Lauren says

      I hope you have good luck with it! Do you have normal cycles? I think it’s good to see so many doctors trying this route before drugs. Sending sticky dust to you!

  25. Samantha says

    Yep I have normal cycles and everything. Im just not ovul. on time im closer to day 17 so dr said this should help and fingers crossed that I get preg in the next few months. He also said if nothing by Feb he will put me on clomid. So he has lots of faith with Pregnitude! And I do 2!! (Thanks to u :) lol)

  26. Ella says

    Hi so I have been reading a lot of success stories for pregnitude so I bought some…should I take it on it’s own or does it work better combined with a fertility drug? I have severe pcos and no period since getting off the pill back in July :( Before that I never had a period except when I “started” at 15 and a couple times after that. Ugh.

    • Lauren says

      I’m not expert, but judging from the comments on here it seems most docs want you to try Pregnitude before combining it with drugs. PCOS is such a pain – have you discussed possibly “resetting” your body by doing a round of Provera to bring on your period?

  27. Danyell says

    Ah, your blog made a believe, I was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago after ttc for 8 months, I am 23 and have always had late or no show periods. In about a 6 month span I gained 35 pounds and freaked out and finally made my doctor search long and hard, finally they sent me a fertility specialist and he determined it was PCOS and put me on Aldactone, Provera and Metformin. I couldnt take the Metformin, it was torture on my body, i lost 20 pounds and ended up dehydrated. not fun. finally about 5 months ago i cut almost all my sugar intake and stopped taking all prescriptions and started taking Prenatal Vitamins and Melatonin before bed and have been slowly loosing weight, my periods about every 32 days and i for the first time in a year ovulated!! I was over the moon when i went on Pinterest and decided to see what PCOS tips I could find, I stumbled across your blog and immediately went to Amazon and made my purchase, it should be here tomorrow. I am very excited, thank you!

  28. Katherine says

    I wanted to share my success story. I wrote on here a few months again after I bought my first month of Pregnitude. I’ve had pcos since 2005 and been on Glumetza since. When I went off bc in march I stopped getting AF. My husband and I started trying in August and no luck so I started Prenitude in November. Well, Christmas Eve I got my period! And now just three months into Pregnitude I have a BFP! I have no doubt in my mind it’s bc of the Pregnitude and this blog convinced me to get it. Thank you so much!!!!

  29. Sherri says

    Just purchased my Prenitude. My husband and myself are very excited for this, as we have been trying for 10 years now. Does anyone have any advise or side effects that i should be warned about.

  30. Reece says

    Hi! I was also googling pregnitude and stumbled across your blog (which is completely amazing!) I have just a few questions for you but first I guess I’ll share a little information about me. Hubby and I have been ttc for 7 months and I recently found out I have pcos. I have been using opk’s for the last 3 months and they are always positive and result in a bfn. I know that you can have an lh surge and not ovulate but have you ever had a positive opk and ovulated over a week later? As a late ovulater Pregnitude made you ovulate earlier? Im sorry OPK’s confuse the heck out of me lol!

    I started pregnitude this month, last day of my cycle per my obgyn as an attempt before metoformin. Just for knowledge for your other readers absolutely no side effects for me thus far, taken on empty stomach, full stomach, and when I wake up/ before bed which constantly fluctuate. Positive OPK on cycle day’s 13&14 ewcm on day 15 (which never ever happens for me!) fingers crossed!!

    • Lauren says

      Are your OPKs always positive? Or do you get them only a few times/month? Also, are you tracking your temps? I personally have not had an LH surge and no ovulation, however, I have heard you can have two in one cycle. Pregnitude didn’t make me ovulate sooner per se, however, it helped me to stay stable.

      Good luck! If you have any OPK questions let me know – I’ve conceived twice with them so I consider myself a sort of expert. :)

  31. Reece says

    Thanks for the quick response :) I am getting very frustrated with opk’s! So maybe you can help… I use the cbe digital two days of blinking smileys leading up to a solid smile (which is suposed to mean positive) which is followed by light (sorry I know TMI I despise CM talk) then usually a week later I have a significant amount of ewcm and af appears two weeks after this. For example I had positive opk Jan.13,14,15,16th then on January 26th &27 I had a significant amount of ewcm and waa-la two weeks later 2/10 AF shows up. This month same thing, positive opk on the Feb. 23th &24th, significant amount of ewcm mar.2nd &3rd. Luckily this time I am catching on to my patterns ( I hope.)
    I don’t temp, I am a very restless sleeper and work crazy hours I feel like my results would only make things more tricky for me.
    I guess only time and continuous tracking will tell, it just gets so frustrating waiting for that bfp! Thanks for all your guidance your site is amazing!! And I love the toppers, they look great :)

    • Lauren says

      Even though you are a restless sleeper, you might give temping a try. I was a diagnosed insomniac for many years and I still had typical patterns when temping. It does sound strange that you are getting positive OPKs but then AF 3-4 weeks later. Maybe you just have a super-long luteal phase? That’s what I’m wondering if you add in a second level of monitoring (be it temping, ferning, etc.) if it would help you to determine your ovulation. For me, CM is rarely an indicator. Sometimes I have it around O, sometimes not.

      Do you have a negative OPK during times of significant CM?

  32. Rebecca says

    hi have ben trying for 2 years and I just started pregnitude today will it work I hop so so so bad I am taking red clover with it so ges we will see I am trying not to loos hope but it is so hard

  33. Shirley says

    Hi Lauren, I’ve just been diagnosed with PCOS and was googling Pregnitude when I came across your blog.

    I’m 30 yo, not trying to conceive at the moment but have been frustrated with my very irregular period (currently on 108 days which is my longest yet!!!) I don’t have the usual PCOS symptoms as I am actually a little underweight, I don’t have acne problems or excessive facial hair. The only problem I noticed was thinning hair, which I have been getting treatments for. My AMH results were very high which was indicative on PCOS although ultrasound didn’t really show anything.

    I am in Australia so it’s a lot trickier to try to get Pregnitude but I’ve managed to place an order online today. Can’t wait to see how it goes. I have been taking Premular (Vitex) which is supposed to help regulate your period as well.

    Do you have to take Pregnitude with spearmint tea? How long after you started taking it before your period became regular?


    • Lauren says

      108 days – wow! You definitely don’t have to take Pregnitude with anything but water. Spearmint tea is supposed to help regulate testosterone levels, and mine were within a normal range but a little high. My periods never “got regular” being on Pregnitude because I got pregnant right away. :) I completely expected my cycles to get longer and longer however, and Pregnitude helped to keep them as-is (which was ovulation on or about cycle day 20) which was a HUGE accomplishment. I’m not sure what would’ve happened had I not conceived right away. I may try it again once I’m done nursing, after I assess how my cycle starts to misbehave (it’s inevitable!). Right now I’m just enjoying no period, period. :)

  34. Abigail Dang says

    Hi Lauren,
    Wow, your story touched my heart. Thank you and Congratulation again ^^. I’ve ordered Pregnitude from Wallsgreen. I’m taking Vitex too. Just a question. Did you take other medicines while you were taking pregnitude? How was your diet? (I googled and it is said that PCOS women shouldn’t use dairy products) And I am a little bit underweight. Do you think I should do some exercises? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much

    • Lauren says

      I wasn’t on any other meds at the time, but I know many who were on fertility-type drugs while using Pregnitude. My diet was fairly clean–not the best–and I never eliminated dairy. Being underweight *can* be an issue when TTC. You might want to consider bringing up your weight to the healthy range by eating plenty of good fats. Some exercise is good, but don’t exercise for weight loss, for sure. :)

  35. Nicole says

    I started pregnitude on the 6 the day after AF and I got my first positive opk on the 20th and it’s staying positive for 8 days test line real dark idk what’s going on I hope I am pregnant can anyone help me

    • Lauren says

      What OPKs are you using? Also, have you taken an actual pregnancy test? OPKs typically will show positive when pregnant – I used them as pseudo-pregnancy tests after I got my first few positives on “real” tests. I was kind of obsessed with testing…

  36. Mishel J says

    Hey! I always seems to come back & read this same blog again every time I have a question.
    We’ve been TTC for 7 months. I’ve been testing with OPKs for 4 months. My cycle was every other month & I only ovulated every other month. I started Pregnitude two months ago on March 21st. Technically this would be my “off month” if nothing changes w the Pregnitude. I was testing last week when my app said I should have ovulated & there was an extremely faint test line, like not even really there, so I quit testing. Yesterday I was having some slight cramping & thought maybe I was about to start my period. Nothing. I came home & took an OPK & the test line was actually pretty dark. It’s not positive yet though! I’m hoping I’ll ovulate in the next few days. I’m on CD 25 & my cycles are usually anywhere from 50-60 days long. Crossing my fingers & praying like crazy.

    On what day did Pregnitude help y’all ovulate after you started it?
    I have VERY severe PCOS with the hirtutism & hypoplastic tubular breasts type 1 & everything. My hormones have been absolutely terrible for as long as I can remember!

    It would help so much to get some encouragement to keep taking Pregnitude & not give up! I got a little discouraged when I didn’t O or start my cycle when I was supposed to this month. I just want a normal cycle or a bfp!

    • Lauren says

      As you know for me it was CD20 or 21. You might consider testing 2x/day when you think you might be close. Many studies have shown you have the best chance for catching your highest levels in early evening. Good luck!

  37. StephanieDee says

    Hi Im new to pregnitude. I had the iud for 3 years and i took it out on April 8, 2014 I have regular cycles. And no problems with Ovulating. My sister works for a OBgyn and she suggested I try Pregnitude to help speed it up. So i hope i get my BFP.

  38. ann says

    We have been trying for over 8yrs been diagnosed pcos, ir, and now diabetic. Ordered preg. As a one last try before giving up on having a family. I took it for 4 days and I have had major mood shift where I feel completely hostile over the little things. So I stopped taking it for 2 days and I feel like myself again. Anyone have this type of reaction?

  39. Lisa r says

    Reading all these stories really keep me positive in getting a success story with pregnitude I have been trying to convpcieve for three years with no luck. It’s my fourth day on pregnitude so far I’ve been having an upset stomach fingers crossed for a success story :

  40. Josephine says

    Hello ,I have been married for 2 years now,with no luck with babies.i have tried clomid ,prenatal vitamins and folic acid..about 2 month ago I saw a obgyn he gave a prescription of citral natal 90 is to expensive but I started it last week..I feel my ovulation pain hiigh body tempature and ,but I can’t get pregnant…

      • Lauren says

        Lisa, she probably means that it just hasn’t happened yet.

        Josephine, have you confirmed ovulation aside from just feeling high body temperature? You can do this by temping at home, or the doc can confirm it for you if you are ready to go that route.

  41. Eryn says

    I tried pregnitude and clomid the summer of 2013 and became pregnant August 2013. It worked for me !!!! I am PCOS since age 15. My cycles were absent for years!!! After I had my son , my cycles came EVERY MONTH NOW!!!! I thank God for our blessings and for hearing of pregnitude.

  42. Shana Roberts says

    Hi this blog has given me so much hope thank you I’m 27 just recently diagnosed with PCOS my Dr prescribed pregnitude and pre natal vitamins. I’ve been taking them since June 3rd I just got my AF yesterday so fingers crossed this will be my month to get pregnant!!!!!

  43. Stephanie says

    So I am 28 years old I have pretty serious PCOS I have not had a period in 5 months I just took my first dose of pregnitude after my OBGYN visit this afternoon. My purpose for starting this medication was MOSTLY to regulate my cycle because honestly being a married woman and not getting a period for 5 months is a scary deal and I want to fix this before it becomes too late for me to concieve EVER. My husband and I are not necessarily TTC but we are not preventing it either and both of us agreed we couldn’t see ourselves going out of the way to prevent a pregnancy that has little chance of happening to begin with and give up our chance to ever become parents. (I hope that makes sense lol) I am wondering how fertile this supplement actually makes you and if anyone has any advice on my situation…BTW congrats on your success story if I have one of my own I will swear it’s a crazy dream.

  44. Briana wolfson says

    Hi there! I was just diagnosed with pcps a few days ago. Ive been trying to track my ovulation for the last 3 months my doctor does not think I’m ovulating at all. She told me to take pregnitude for 3 months and then revisit if i did not get pregnant she said climid was the next thing to try. Does pregnitude help with ovulation. i do get my period ever month but they range from 30-36 days. any help of inspiration you have i would love to hear!!!

  45. Kelly says

    Hi, Lauren,I am about to buy pregnitude after reading all the positive blogs. Do you have to take it even in your periods until you get pregnant and if you get pregnant than need to stop it. hope if you are taking it regularly even in your period nothing will happens to the baby. Thanks

  46. Kelly says

    Hi, I just got my packet yesterday in mail. I am started taking the Pregnitude today for the first time. I got married nine and half years ago with no luck did not conceived. I had a miscarriage after five months of my pregnancy in 2013 and it was natural pregnancy with no medicine taken to get pregnant. I took Provera to regulate my cycle and clomid & they did not work for me. Doctor recommended me to go see the infertility specialist since no insurance coverage so I gave up. Finally i found out about Pregnitude so wish me Luck ladies. Keeping my fingers crossed. Please please god keep the blessing on me.

  47. Kelly says

    Hi Lauren, I started the Preginitude on June 22, 2015 and I took provera along with it by my doctor’s advise. I had my period on 7/11/15 since than i did not get my period. I did check the pregnancy test which was negative -period late,sore boobs, breast really hurts when i touch and i also have back pain and feel like will have period and its happening since two weeks. I did not take provera this after that. So please advise. Thanks

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