Wearing Hair on a Vacation

Long time no post! And Sam and Jessica, I know I owe you an email, too. Just a quick note to say I’m off for a short vacation – and look what I have to pack! All of my hair-loss friends cautioned me that you must always leave home with a backup. So, here’s you’ll see the topper piece I normally wear (right), pool/beach/who gives a crap hair (left), and my old Milan (my first topper). I never wear Ms. Milan as she’s a bit too short and golden, but she lays so nicely that I thought I’d give her a whirl since I’m amongst strangers. That’s what vacation is for, right? I almost wish I had some topper that was completely out of the norm to play with while I’m gone!

For the pool topper, I plan to wear it up with a big, stretchy hair band. It might get a little wet, but that’s ok. The nice thing about all this hair trial-and-error is that you always have back up pieces for situations like these.

Catch you all in a few days!

P.S. If you happen to notice the Batman undies in the top left corner…um, those aren’t mine. Just so you know.

Taking Hair on Vacation


  1. Gs says

    Hi Lauren,
    I am anxious to hear how your vacation went and how wearing hair worked! Hope you had a great time! It’s always nice to get away. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. Ali says

    Hi Lauren

    I’m in the process of getting my first topper and have found your blog and photos so helpful! I’m really liking the look of Jon Renau Top Notch, just waiting on color samples to arrive before I make my choice. It’s all a bit scary, but reading your posts has given me the courage to make this step. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday!

  3. jana b says

    I want to thank you for this blog and what I have learned! I found you somewhere in my search on thinning hair and how to deal with it. I am so relieved to find out about the Bumble and Bumble hair powder – it makes all the difference in the world to me! And now I know about toppers and wigs…that will be the next step. THANK YOU!! for being brave and sharing all this.

  4. lenna says

    Hi, Can you do one post about routine life in topper?? I have one HH topper from local vendor. Its nice, except it moves a lot. and I am afraid to use it for running or jogging or even for Yoga. Can you share your experiences with daily routine in topper??any precautions to be taken to minimize further damage to bio hair??
    My jon renau topper will come within a week. why did you switch to milan noriko from jon renau??? I thought JR is better one.

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